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Summer Special Ai Yori Aoshi: It’s classic, yet I didn’t find it all too boring. He even takes her first kiss away! Groups This title has no groups yet. She’s teased at high school because of this. I’m sensing the prod skipped some scenes from the manga.

Top 11 Cutest Japanese Actors. Matsuzaka Tori Tsubaki Kyota. Hasegawa Hatsunori Shoichiro Hibino. I didn’t watch the anime nor read the manga. Interested in her actions, Kyouta decides to make her his target. Nothing new, but they still were cute.

On her first day of high school, she is immediately looked down upon her delinquent-like classmates for her old-fashioned wp. She also has a tendency to dress old-fashioned. Final — Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Yet, Tsubaki suffers from low self-esteem and isn’t very comfortable styling her own hair.

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu 02

When she is teased by the top student, Kyouta Tsubaki, who shares the same name as her, she defiantly cuts his hair. Interested in her actions, Kyouta decides to make her his target.

Filming was set to begin in early Januarywith the film releasing on December 8, Was my first time hajimemasi something with Matsuzaka Tori and I just loved it.


But with both of them having their first experiences in love, troubles start to weigh and test their relationship. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Battle Vixens R. One day, popular male student Tsubaki Kyota targets Tsubaki for teasing.

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Tsubaki Kyota holds sway over the entire classroom and is quite a playboy. Views Read Edit View history. I’m sensing the prod skipped some scenes from the manga.

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. It was animated by J. Watch it if you need a fluffy shojo love story. Despite Tsubaki Hibino’s talent actiln styling other people’s hair, she isn’t comfortable with doing the same for herself. Edit this Page Edit Information. This page was last edited on 27 Januaryat The DVD was bundled with their second single, “If”. Hide ads with VIP.

It started serialization in in the magazine Sho-Comiand completed inwith 15 bound volumes have been released in Japan under the Flower Comics label. RomanceSchoolYouth Tags: Finale Maid Sama! Just that it was the same story again. G – All Ages. Of ilve it’s for a younger audience who also just entered high school.


News This title has no atcion news yet. He even takes her first kiss away! Twinkle Paradise Bakuman.

Haiimemasu teased at high school because of this. Kurenai Densetsu Kud Wafter A different version of the DVD, which features the members of French Kiss providing voiceovers to manga stills, came in a separate version of the “If” single.

Other reviews by this user. Gradually, the two begin to fall in love with each other until Tsubaki discovers that Kyouta cannot commit himself into a relationship due to his mother and a nurse he trusted. But he is a womanizer and hits it off by trying to flirt with her.

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