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Just finished watching with my daughter Edit Storyline Josh is furious to find Andi sneaked out at night without a proper goodbye. You have lots of fan, please do the right thing and complete the series. They could make a lot of money just on that. As a previous poster said, they really let the whole teen romance thing take over the show. Can’t it be brought back with a kickstarter campaign, like the veronica mars movie?

Clacked by Debbie McDuffee on Mar 17, Just a hopeful suggestion. I just don’t get how they can keep so much running , but this had to be stopped. I also want to back up a comment. Regardless of efforts from Nate to stop them out of spite. Thats some serious crap i waited forever to finish Kyle XY after seeing the first episode and it ended with to many questions. Kyle XY will live on in my memory forever, the way it touched me in such positive ways i will never forget. Joshes gal shud come back and thr producers of kyle xy should bring the god damn show back like 7 years ago.

Why do they get rid of good shows.? I’ll bet the viewing audience would be off the charts! Clidfhanger to the last unresolved “ending” was awful. I love everything about Kyle xy and having it come back would be a dream come true I caught the first season in the UK, but don’t recollect seeing season 2 aired. Once again, the execs in tv land got it wrong and canceled this amazing show. Lesa Wrinkle I love your ending!

I could have written ten more series about the struggle to understand and to be understood. This show by far is the most amazing show i’ve ever seen. We all love the Trager’s and they will be missed. cliffhxnger


Fans would know that this was already enough to keep me watching. Well as I read earlier. I asked him what he was going to recite. At least wanted to know how it would all come to an end. A ginale well-written article. Following the last episode, writer Julie Plec revealed what had been planned for further seasons.

This was so cliffhanget. Audible Download Audio Books. For whatever reason the series was caught short, it just wasn’t worth it. TechnobuilderMar 18, They could have made this episode much more terse, much more violent, and much more final.

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She is not broken, and in a lot of ways I see her as stronger than Kyle. I’m sad to find out just now what had happened to the series.

While I watched every show I listened to every song like “she could be you”, “a bad dream”,”hiding”, “save you” and many more. They’ve had plenty of time to finish up the final three episodes. It’d obviously be a much better idea if Kyle could maybe come back as a normal personfinding his senses like Jessi had toand then realizing that he had missed a part of his life. We have been delivering Matt Dallas’ news and information since the untimely cancelation of Kyle XY back in earlyand in all that time, the questions we have been asked the most often and are STILL being asked revolve around the abrupt and unfair ending to a show that deserved proper resolution for its devoted followers.


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From the original writers? Isn’t that why they picked this business To all of those who described hating ABC family, don’t you think that is kind of contradictory to the morals of the show? But lot of question need to be answer in this film. Its always better never to bite what cliffhangre know you cant chew. I only got introduced to this fact at about episode 5. They thought they had another season and then got the rug pulled out from under them.

You just can’t find anything of quality finxle worth watching even with all the hundreds of paid cable stations.

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Dear ABC Family, I regret to inform you that you took over 7 days of my life, consuming and deteriorating my fragile mind with this absolutely, incredibly, amazingly, heart throbbing show that is called Kyle XY.

Jan 31, Location: I know i will. And then i found Kyle XY and was swries surprised about this fantastic Show. My concern ,yle on what happened after kyle had realised that he was having feelings for two people I saw how lost and confused, scared and angry the fans were because of what had happened.