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He is dropped into a forest, where he sees the catlike Grell once more. Ciel promptly refuses but eventually agrees once Elizabeth starts crying. Thomas is run over a passing carriage, and William arrives to collect his soul. However, Ciel is left alone when both Sebastian and William are summoned to replace the trapeze artists. Their attempts result in disaster, as Baldroy scorches the food, Finnian kills the garden by spraying herbicides on it, and Mey-Rin breaks all of the china dishware. William appears to collect the souls of those who died at the mansion and Ronald Knox arrives to assist him. After a brief reunion with Soma and Agni, Sebastian and Ciel return to the circus in the next day in order to become part of it. Sebastian mentions to Ciel that his nobleness is a sign of weakness, seeing as he was afraid of killing his own aunt.

Ciel assigns his servants to take a photo of Sebastian with a camera that reveals what is most precious to the subject that is not of this world. Mey-Rin was a sniper for hire, being asked to assassinate politicians. Alois dreams of being trapped in a spiderweb and describing himself as a butterfly with no wings. Only those who fully complete the exam can become a full-fledged grim reaper. Alois later uses his sex appeal to win over Trancy as well as the inheritance, and he soon makes a contract with Claude some time after that. The two princes however, did actually disappear from the Tower of London. Sebastian affirms his service to his master while jumping with him from the cliff into the depths of the underworld.

He tells Sebastian to stay by his side until he falls asleep, amusing Sebastian, who comments on Ciel showing his weaknesses to him.

While Lau and Ran-Mao have corks in their ears, Agni assists Prince Soma and his friends to retain control of themselves while fending off the controlled guests.

Claude loses 113.5 balance after landing on a rock that gives way under him, and Sebastian plunges the demon sword through Claude’s body. Upon further investigation, Ciel and Sebastian find out that all the victims were newlywed women and had gone to the photographer’s studio for their wedding picture. She had always been jealous of her elder sister, who married the Earl of Phantomhive, whom she loved for being kind to her.


Then in the library, Prince Soma and Agni are there. Sebastian arrives in confrontation, alternating his tactics between reward and punishment. Sebastian gives the lady a tour of the estate. Although Ciel does not wish to 13.5 with her, Sebastian convinces him to learn to dance for the sake of preserving his social reputation, and teaches him the simple Viennese waltz. Sebastian and Ciel land at the rubble of a mansion, where Ciel calmly waits for Sebastian to take his soul.

A curry festival competition sponsored by the Queen Victoria is mentioned, and West’s plans involving Agni and Meena are revealed. Grell appears and shows no hostility towards Claude but has taken interest in the state of affairs. Sebastian uses the sword to split the island in half creating a large fissure in the ground. And Sebastian reverts to his true demonic form kuroshitwuji defeat them.

A taxidermy monkey suddenly springs to life and destroys the lighting equipment, so Sebastian makes Ciel escape ahead to an elevator in the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, Kelvin reveals to Ciel that he met him and his father when he was still a small child, years before the tragedy that befell his family.

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The servant triplets suddenly snipes the kkuroshitsuji prostitute in the forehead, in which Sebastian immediately engages in combat against them. The two princes however, did actually disappear from the Tower of London. Sebastian tells Claude that their battle will continue another day, as he leaves with Ciel in his arms. Sebastian unveils that Henry used a silhouetted projection of a dog’s face and thereby proves his guiltiness.

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However, not only is it revealed to all that the train cannot be stopped due to the bomb, but the train is headed kurosbitsuji a broken bridge, and there may be an outbreak of cholera. Ciel preaches to Prince Soma to never give up on finding reaching one’s goals, using the episove of his parents as an example.

While Ciel sends Sebastian to investigate further in the city based on their newfound info, Snake discovers that the duo is spying on them and informs Joker, who decides to not take any action before consulting with their leader.


A few hours later, Sebastian puts Ciel to sleep, eagerly awaiting for the day when he will accomplish his part of the bargain with his master and claim his soul in return. Upon learning of their true identities and that they killed Joker and Kelvin, she attacks them, just to be killed by the butler epiosde his master’s orders.

Inside her mouth, Ciel looks at Alois’s eye squirming and staring back at him, seeing a frightening reflection of himself, to the point of fainting from the terror. The visions cause Ciel to become frantic, so much that he vomits before fleeing to the woods outside.

In the next day, Sebastian picks up Ciel and the two leave the circus, certain that they have all the information they need, but once they return to the town house, Soma and Agni realize that Ciel is sick episoode convince Sebastian to 133.5 him resting until the next day.

Sebastian mentions to Ciel that his nobleness is a sign of weakness, seeing as he was afraid of killing his own aunt. When Claude destroys the set after being episoode with the script, Ciel is rescued by Sebastian, who fractures his right ankle in the process.

Though the plot was ultimately altered, the play turns out, for the most part, a success. Alois, having survived after his collapse, suffers from a grave injury. The Viscount takes a liking to Ciel, who flirts with him hoping to learn kuroshittsuji plans. Sebastian hands Ciel Tanaka’s diary, in which Tanaka details the former Earl Phantomhive’s knowledge of his impending death.

It is then that the two become full-fledged grim reapers. Eager to become more like Ciel and his father, Kelvin underwent surgery, but his recovery was hindered when he got agitated with news of their deaths.