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The other is a young girl who Sang-Woo falls in love with, but she is more interested in the country boy. The Host received screenings on several film festivals. Nam-joo picks up the flaming cloth from the bottle with one of her arrows and fires it at the creature, setting it on fire. The sea starts receding from the shore, causing mass hysteria as people realize that a tsunami is coming. The film concerns a monster kidnapping a man’s daughter, and his attempts to rescue her. Gang-du, enraged at his daughter’s death, attacks the creature as it wakes up, aided by Nam-il and the homeless man.

The film was set for a release. When I finished the film for the first time, I was left underwhelmed. Friedrichstadt-Palast Ticket code Code for ticket purchase at the ticket counter. Haus der Berliner Festspiele Ticket code Code for ticket purchase at the ticket counter. Jin-seok is a young man, he narrates about his older brother, Yoo-seok, and his admiration for him. Retrieved 28 December A Moment to Remember

At a peace demonstration, he finds himself become closer to his true love, and the system of rules starts to go out of control.

I Saw The Devil [Blu-ray] 5: I Saw The Devil [Blu-ray]. Films directed by Jeong Yoon-cheol.

The film received generally positive reviews ioreanischer both Western and Korean critics. School-bus driver Kyung-chul happens upon Joo-yun one snowy night and offers to help fix her flat tire. Full of anger he kills the murderer. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Finally Sang-woo’s mother returns and he goes back to Seoul. Be with You 7. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


He then realises that his grandmother has walked back from town carrying all her produce. Jin-tae breaks the side mirror of the car and Do-joon collects golf balls lost in a lake. Great concept, The Five is about a group of ordinary people who are all in need of an organ transplant. Life on the backward, undeveloped island is hard, and Bok-nam is treated as little more than a slave by her abusive husband Man-jong, his brother and the local old women.

A young woman grows tired of life in the city and returns to her hometown in the countryside. A man loses his memory after being kidnapped for 19 days, and his younger brother is determined to seek the But reality is encroaching more and more on her safe haven.

A psychiatrist is called as part of the elaborate investigation, who suggested that Jin-seok has a repressed memory of the event because it was too much for his psyche to handle, so his brain blocked out that traumatic event altogether.

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Muriel breeds horses and runs an almond plantation. Please only add items that are relevant to this list topic.

One day Sang-woo demands Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Deal broke a box-office record when released for being one of highest grossing S. English Ticket code Code for ticket purchase at the ticket counter.

Start your free trial. The mysterious young man who has been investigating him for the murders also survived his car accident, and is in the same hospital. Retrieved from ” https: That night, Park’s wife walks through the forest, watched by an unknown figure in the shadows, but a younger girl passes by and she is captured and killed instead.


Soo-ah young Chang-Seok Ko Cubix 9 Ticket code Code for ticket purchase at the ticket counter. A severe, tense single woman, she is being brought down by the work-related stress and the hypercompetitive environment she finds herself in. After Jin comes downstairs and begins to leave, the youngest child, a little boy, comes out from his bedroom wondering where his mother and sister are.

13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See

The performance of Hye-ja Kim deserves a nomination to the Oscar in the role of a dedicated loving mother that pursues the truth about the murder of a teenager student.

Competition Out of competition. Their struggle for survival soon reveals who cares only about themselves and who rises to the occasion.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. From koeanischer moment on, Hwa-yi vows revenge on his gangster fathers, using the devious skills he picked up from a life in crime.

The father is now a fugitive and searched by the police while hunting down the other killer on himself. When a Mercedes runs over Do-joon, Jin-tae follows the hit-and-run driver with Do-joon and find the car parked in a golf club.