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Doug K January 19, at 3: Browne, a constant quick pace, a dynamic and exciting shivery score by Greig McRitchie, a truly creepy monster the creature’s ability to take on the form of someone you trust gives it an extra devious and deadly unnerving edge , and a suspenseful conclusion, this particular program downplays the show’s trademark dry sardonic wit in favor of spot-on stinging social commentary about the plight of the elderly. The camera goes wobbly in an immediacy-provoking first-person subjective shot, and the blighted urban location is convincing…and menacing. In “Horror in the Heights”, the victims are aged Jews, retired and impoverished. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This was Sofaer’s last acting appearance as well, but it was memorable. I would have loved for him to have done more, but he didn’t need the aggravation. Newer Post Older Post Home.

It made fun of the establishment, the cops, the government. And all this is what makes Kolchack: I continued to watch the series, but I probably missed several later episodes and always felt that this had been the high water mark. The inspiration was not setting the story in Las Vegas, a city that really never sleeps although we’re getting closer to the genius spot. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Slipping in socially conscious statements was not an accident on Kolchak: Gary Gerani January 19, at 4:

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But in addition to making me look over my shoulder, The Rhe served up a fresh twist on the haunted-house tale. It was a great idea for a Kolchak episode. Mike Doran January 19, at 3: Slipping in socially conscious statements was not an accident on Kolchak: The Night Stalker aired one of its creepiest and stallker memorable installments. Horror in the Heights 20 Dec 8. Watching this show in Chicago when it first ran inthe two scenes where Kolchak calims to have brothers carry a special resonance.

Kolchak, believing this is a piece on the plight of the elderly in the city part they live in number, stumbles into a far more dangerous story. I would have loved for him to have done more, but he didn’t need the aggravation. In the very next shot, closer to the car, the top is down. With Silver, Glass, Benny Rubin and Herb Vigran in the cast, “Horror in the Heights” is the most extreme example of the series’ penchant for casting comedians and comic actors.


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Miss Emily claims she followed him there to gather information for a book she’s writing. The beast clutches the shaft of the arrow and lets out a bellowing roar before falling to the ground dead. Horgor in to vote. Sofaer was a grand-slam anthology actor, appearing in episodes of The Twilight Zone as Dr. Well, you know, it does. Michael Caffey as Michael T.

Was this review helpful? We did shows about pollution and other issues. The plot hororr one of those monster costumed stuntmen looks like the abominable snowman, giving it a campy appearance appearing to Jewish elderly in their district of Chicago sadly, a poor district fallen prey to a rat problem that city sanitation has not addressed efficiently as people they knew. Still, using the different kinds of “monsters of the week” approach offer a unique group of menaces for our heroic reporter to encounter and defeat.

There are always nits to pick. At the same time however, he seems genuinely concerned about the residents of this rundown neighbourhood. Police think it the result of rats, but evidence points to the Hindu owner of a local Indian restaurant, who is in fact hunting a demonic spirit called a Rakshasa, an evil carnivore who attacks victims by hypnotizing them into thinking they are being approached by someone they trust, but heignts proves to be no safe haven for normally vigilant Carl Add the first question.

But look at how much goes right in “Horror in the Heights,” and you can start with the central idea cooked up by Hammer horror veteran Sangster: I saw this episode when it first aired That’s what made McGavin, Matheson, Curtis and everyone else stop and murmur in deep admiration, “What an idea!

When two more residents of the depressed area are discovered dead and partially eaten, Kolchak follows a tip from a nervous resident, Harry Starman, who insists that the owner of a local East Indian restaurant is the killer. Still, Caffey mostly succeeds in his orchestration of this very scary, unsettling tale. It’s this latter thoughtful and kolcham element which in turn makes this episode so powerful and effective.

The writing is also terrific, as we meet an interesting cast of characters, including Abraham Sofaer, who plays an elderly hunter for this mythical creature; the scenes he shares with Kolchak are both creepy and fun.


I can’t even say that for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a book I obviously admire and cherish and champion in so many ways. Other reviewers have given the plot already which is a tad weak in the buildup to Kolchak’s confrontation with the monster – it is however a creepy idea – don’t trust anyone, especially if they want to hug you. They never topped “Horror in the Heights,” a title that refers to the neighborhood Roosevelt Heights.

That is consistent with the entire series too as the stories he follows and the killers who lurk in every show can not be trusted. Kolchak Darren McGavin is on the hunt for a creature called the “rakshasa”, a monster that appears as a person the victim trusts, and prepares to hug them before squeezing the life out of them. I was tempted to just let that one line stand as today’s posting, but I suppose a bit more is expected.

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This entry was posted in cult tv flashbackKolchak. Well, the one they did was the one that gleams the brightest. Start your free trial. It had a sense lolchak what nighg size was. After a disrespectful young cop says of one of the elderly victims, “the old guy croaked”, Carl comments, “you have a nice choice of words; you expect to escape old age? In this respect, it’s arguably the best segment.

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Miss Emily, his elderly friend from the newsroom. Frank Rivas Eric Server This was Sofaer’s last acting appearance as well, but it was memorable. The best one stones78 19 May A cool shot is when the victim sees the person, we audience see the back of the “person”, which is the hairy monster about to kill.

McGavin and Chermak didn’t agree on how the show should be run.