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Their roles seemed to have switched from where we left off. Out of those five, I still like Iori the best. Romantic comedy , [1] supernatural [2]. The next morning, Himeko, Yoshifumi and Yui all switch bodies together, though soon revert to normal. After dropping Himeko off, Iori tells Taichi about the troubles she faced due to her mother Reika Nagase constantly getting remarried, having to keep changing her persona to fit the tastes of others while eventually forgetting who she originally was, and she feels that the body swapping would cause her to just fade away. I have tended to like the speechifying that the show does, although I have thought this might have been a good show to be set in first year college rather than in first year high school, where the philosophical parts of their monologues tend to be a little less believable for their age. I think you should take a look at those Blood-C Reviews. He’s not interesting at all, bland character.

What the hell did Inaba say that hurt Iori so much though? In the end this arc was maybe a little worse than the previous ones, primarily because it went back to the “Iori identity crisis” well which was ALREADY dealt with in a previous arc. Iori calls out Fuusenkazura on that exact issue. As Iori swaps with Yoshifumi and learns of the situation, she offers to die with her own body, not willing to sacrifice anyone else. Retrieved September 14, The first arc was good, only to be ruined because I kinda knew Iori didn’t die, the second arc started out great but eneded kind of weakly, and the third arc just stunk in execution. Yui surely knows how to make Aoki jelly.

Later, Taichi and Yoshifumi learn that Yui has androphobia, the fear of men.

Retrieved September 22, What people are thinking and what they say are two different things most people keep there thoughts to themselves out of consideration. As winter vacation rolls in, a different Heartseed than before instigates a dscussion phenomenon in which, during certain times of the day, members besides Taichi will randomly revert to a younger age, regaining some of their childhood memories upon returning.


Taichi realizes his folly and chases after her, finding her on a bridge over the river. I think there’s also a new character introduced but otherwise, it was a refreshing watch imo.

Anonymous January 3, at The series includes mmichi volumes published by Enterbrain between January and March In fact, isn’t that true for ever human being that lives on this Earth. Remember when Enzo kept calling Shin Sekai Yori the best show this season even after those episodes that took an awkward animation dip? I think the magic of Kokoro Connect only lasted the first arc for me. Perhaps it is too much that the characters are all very much different.

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In the end, I’ll tend to like just about any show that ends up with a couple, and I thought it moved from the seemingly inevitable Iori x Taichi pairing to the more suitable Inaba x Taichi pairing. Not because I liked the show — although I did like this arc, since michl was definitely better than the second and third ones — but because of just how incredibly episofe the review was.

After spending the rest of the afternoon convincing Himeko what had happened is real, Taichi and Iori eventually switch back to their original bodies, before the five of them leave school to return to their homes.

I had thought this one would be the worse one yet, but by drawing from the previous arcs I think this episode managed to bring a good introduction to the arc. I always got the feeling that the author knew where he wanted his characters to end up — had an idea what he wanted them to go through to get there — but wasn’t terribly good at resolving those individual conflicts in any kind of realistic manner.


I have my episose anime blog.

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The impression I’ve gotten from previous posts is that you’re a better blogger than this, Enzo. I’m glad that Yui is finally starting to think about Yoshifumi too. I couldn’t finish it! Had to pause to take a breathe at a point.

As Iori later swaps bodies with Yoshifumi, she talks with Taichi about how the switching may affect their individuality before she switches back. This arc took me a while to mentally process because my expectations mchi already extremly low and it merely supercedded it by just a little bit. Man, it was hard to watch that.

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Retrieved September 26, In my next life I want to collide at the corner with raandom cute transfer student carrying a piece of toast in her mouth This is easily the worst incident episod faced yet The 35th Test Platoon Shomin Sample Wow, my heart is aching soooo much even after a day from watching this episode.

The first arc was great, but after three arcs of the same setup, I was getting pretty bored.

The life of Yamaboshi High Cultural Club’s members: What does the club even do? More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Overall I don’t think this show was awful. Inaba continues to be my favorite character, by far, as she possesses the most likable and intriguing personality.

Later that night, both Taichi and Iori end up doing things unconsciously, though it does give them a chance to radnom talk about the confession.