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His first steps into the music world were taken when he was only 8 years old. She not only plays but teaches several different techniques as well. Shop for samba drums. His first steps into the music world were taken when he was only 8 years old. Episode 11 Eric Hoffman We just got back from California Brazil Camp and have put together a special sonic tour of the camp for you. Episode 19 Michael Spiro. Mark is recognized around the globe for his abilities as an educator and workshop clinician.

Brazilian drums in North America. Aside from Olodum, he currently also leads his group, A Banda do Mestre Memeu, where they play his original compositions. This podcast sponsored by Go Samba! Neil has also performed in a multitude of groups on a variety of instruments. She has so much wisdom and good tips to share that we could probably do a second podcast. He has studied exclusively with master Brazilian folkloric and percussionist, Jorge Alabe from Rio de Janeiro in self-supported residency endeavor for over 15 years.

Episode 19 Michael Spiro

She regularly holds workshops throughout the UK sharing her vast knowledge of traditional and modern Brazilian musical styles. Episode 32 Alessandro Cardozo This episode is sponsored by GoSamba. In addition to the position he held in the Jazz Department at the University of California, Berkeley, Spiro has taught at numerous colleges throughout North America and Europe, and continues to be a presenter at national and statewide conventions of the Percussive Arts Society and the International Association of Jazz Educators.

Brazilian drums in North America. While continuing with his international musician’s work, he has also aggressively advanced the propagation of Maracatu to various areas in Japan. epispde

You may have also seen him hanging around California Brazil Camp. As director Neil teaches weekly drum classes year round as well as organizes and leads the yearly samba parade of over participants.


Ana also provides consultation for other groups involved with Brazilian events andcollaborates with several organizations and institutions.

Marco mqriha one part insurance professional, one part musician, one part lover of the outdoors, one part Cuban salsa dancer and lover of the runon sentence.

Episode 19 Michael Spiro

In fall of he was hired as an Instructional Aide for Trinidad Elementary School, where he is an aide for the 8th grade classroom as well as an aide for the music teacher. Neil also assisted two separate week-long summer drum camps at both of these schools. Episode 10 Mestre Eduardo “Dudu” Fuentes.

He has taken kindergartners on a round-the-world music tour, taught adults the intricacies of Brazilian groove, and body rhythm to people of all ages. Douglas Jorge is currently a director of the bateria at the samba school, Portela. As a teenager, Cardozo decided to go further and deepen his studies; seeking further specialization, he enrolled in music classes.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, his work as a musician, percussionist, writer, producer and community organizer are manifestations of his lifelong love for Afro-Brazilian culture, its various iterations but particularly Samba. Moyseis Marques By Moyseis Marques.

As one of few Europeans and as a sole Czech citizen, he was part of the biggest and most famous carnivals in the world the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Brazilian drums in the USA! He is also a long-time member of Grupo Samba Rio. Samba drums and gear from Brazil! Episode 29 Beto Guimaraes Episode 48 Sounds of CBC 2 Carl plays with the Brazilian music band Ginga.

Aside from Olodum, he currently also leads his group, A Banda do Mestre Memeu, where they play his original compositions. Fabulous Portuguese Classes with Cristiane Santos: Episode 23 Mestre Ailton Nunes Part 2. Carl teaches drumset and world percussion and directs the percussion ensemble at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


Sincehe has been focused on growing the community that is Bloco Energia and spreading his love of Samba, and rhythm in general. She also held the Batucada Workshop with more than 70 participants at the Drum-Festival Drumpoint in Nitra – Slovakia Travelling through Europe while she isn’t in Rio to play with samba groups at festivals and carnavals is her favourite Hobby. He is currently conducting research for his dissertation titled Samba: For over a decade we have been studying, performing and teaching in Utah along the Wasatch Front and the Western United States.

Episode 35 Moyseis Marques. He is famous for his excellent samba workshops, with which he travels each year throughout the whole world.

The Brazilian Beat

For a year he had lived in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of samba, where he learned rhythms and percussion play with the marihw Brazilian teachers. Vitor Goncalves latest CD: Episode 41 Ana Laidley Marco loves to travel and play with other groups when he can. Alex was among one of the first to start a maracatu group in North America in late when he founded Maracatu Nunca Antes.

In Neil was hired as musical director of Samba na Chuva, a musical troupe thatspecializes in Brazilian styles of music and dance.