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Episode 18 Subtitle Indonesia selanjutnya update setiap minggunya. While brainstorming what to do for the school festival, Yozora tricks Sena into thinking the former is a fortune teller by using the Forer effect. Forte Persona 4: March 25, [8]. Final Series Fight League: The film was released on February 1, Episode 15 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato.

Ryo-Ohki — Oh My Goddess! Project Pink Persona 4: Retrieved June 15, June 25, [8]. Archived from the original on June 14, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight Nightwalker: Episode 3 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato.

Television series Godannar — To Heart: The anime was directed by Hisashi Saito, who had previously directed the fan service romantic comedy Heaven’s Lost Property. August 25, [8]. The Animation — Humanity Has Declined Powered by WordPress – Theme by Nanimin. Episode 18 Subtitle Indonesia trailer, Episode Kobato. The series of one-shot stories Haganai: Haganai Biyori written by Kiurian and illustrated by Bomi, were serialized in Lndo Alive in — aub — respectively.

Kobato. Episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia

Archived from the original on June 15, Sena reveals she does not mind the insulting nickname because it is the first time she had ever received one. Episode 21 Subtitle Indonesia Kobato.


In the Haganai Connect chapter, Yozora tells her side of the story of her seeing Kodaka spisode the first time in ten years, and the formation of the Neighbors Club. June 17, [17].

Tokigoe no Derrida Revisions Saint Seiya: Retrieved November 15, Although Yozora and Sena defend the club, Yusa Aoi comes up with a problem: Retrieved August 11, Episode 4 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato. Kodaka and Yozora stumble upon Sena as she plays a hentai game.

At the park, the club tries the Black Dragon roller coaster but they get really sick. A Voyage to Remember Something Resembling a Prologue!

In the prologue, Kodaka Hasegawa enjoys a day at the beach, but it is just a dream as he is with a group of people called the Neighbors Club and they have been trying to eat some dark nabe. After dinner, the Kashiwazakis have them stay over where Kobato takes a bath with Sena, and Kodaka shares conversation and a drink with Pegasus.


Inspired to eat takoyakithe club goes to the summer festival where everyone except Yozora wear yukatas. But the machine is actually a hypnosis gimmick and Kodaka was dreaming, but the club hears Kodaka mentioning Yozora’s name.

Kodaka questions Sena kobto Yozora’s choice of responses. June 25, [8]. Archived from the original on August 23, Episode 24 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato.

Kobato – ChikoLovers

September 22, [17]. Kobato mengumpulkan ini karena itu adalah keinginannya untuk pergi ke tempat tertentu. Episode 4 Subtitle Indonesia. Episode 7 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato. When Sena is confronted by some guys, Kodaka defends her.

Episode 13 Sub Indo 1 month ago Kobato.