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He chides them for failing the fire drill with their selfishness. They head out to the famous Jeju bridge and Ah Jung takes some pictures. Thank you for all the recaps. The audience never forget the last one…. Thank you soooo much koala for your fast recaps. I dont know why its making me so anxious, but im freaking out. Tonsil-hockey is a great distraction while trying to cover poor writing. There are 6 episodes left, there is no way in hell, that they be all lovely-dovey, the have some mayor problems, to deal with….

Ki Joon gets into his car to drive to the dinner of doom when his phone rings. Quality-wise I can see all the editing sloppiness and the exhaustion on the actors faces. Im not watching anymore dramas. Oh — i also wanted to mention that I love the first part where KJ and AJ get into the limo to leave — hotness!!! Don Johnson from Miami Vice???? Remember that scene when she was in her car at the stop light and she sees SangHee passing by?

He asks to talk with her, but she ignores him and stalks off. The spot light is yours, so break a leg!! There are two ways to consider this.

Lie to Me Episode 13 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I mme so addicted to your koalasplayhround that I keep on repeating your views to my officemates. This is a big reason why I loved how Secret Garden ended – it was wrapped up in a big, sexy love fest that produced 3 babies and a happy life! Really, you need to let it go! Ah Jung is going through presentation slides at work, when suddenly she sees Ki Joon barging in and slamming her against the wall.


Those people who dont have their own mind and just agree to whatever DB negative comments are so disappointing…For me,if you dont want it, dont watch it…and dont make a recap koalasplayyground a stupid full of negative and low blow weecap….

I ended up creating discussion forums for them to congregate.

They look at a picture of Ah Jung with her mom. And, just because I have to say it again…Kang Ji Hwan is hot.

Lie to Me Episode 11 Recap

This recap is a a life saver Koala…thank you so much. Dayan June 15, at 5: Let me get this straight. Creating our own OST, it is a form to show our love for the series.

There are just so many other things I love about the drama which are done so well that it compensates for the bad writing for me. I think plot and compelling character development are pretty important in any narrative. JGS wrote teh ending? Yoon Joo and her mom are watching TV when the news breaks about the president of the World Hotel Hyun Ki Joon lying that he was married in order to land a China investment deal.

She never intended falling in love with me deceiving me. Can someone tell me the name of the song in the very beginning of episode 14? LOL watching dramas and booing, when they become jerks!! I really love lie to me… I love the OTP….


Frankly I can not stand watching most korean dramas but with Lie to me I stay up late to get the latest episode raw without english subs just to be refreshed by the koalasplaygroujd. The mood here is really possitive! He just has to wait for his love.

You kill me, Miss Koala Unni!! Daniel decides the punishment is to clean the bathroom.

Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap | A Koala’s Playground

WHy would they call her late at night to tell her she is fired? I do not know what to say!!! She turns around to leave and sees Ki Joon standing there waiting for her. About the screen caps, may I recommend watermarking it?

Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

Instead, your hope, get the conclusion that he is confuse and needed some comfort. He can get them VIP kpalasplayground for the Tokyo show. Spoilers for Ep Thank you for the good writeup. The blame needs to go only to her, and no one else. LOL I love her Dad. Half human, half god?