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Sunday, 24 February Aryaman tells Esha that Kkusum is yet to divorce Abhay and that Abhay has lied to her. Vishu spats at him saying Kkusum discloses Tashu’s secret to everyone in the Kapoor family. Videos Posted by Mehmood Nasir Posted on All this negativity is very depressing Abhay and Esha come to Lalit’s birthday party.

Lalit comes and gives everyone alarming news of Abhay flight being lost in the air and losing contact. Manasi, at the time she worked on Kkusum , with her husband Rohit Roy and daughter Kiara, in Edit Kkusum star Nausheen Ali Sardar looks nothing like her old self. Production of the Honda Civic commenced. To get a better idea on what she really looks like without the help of blinding filters, here is a picture of her shared by her Kkusum co-star, Rucha Gujarathi. Episode Sidharth’s mothers tell him that Tashu is in the same boat as him. Will she be able to see Sidharth for one last time? Garv is going to get married to Kali and Kumud is upset about that.

Tashu asks Rajeev the reason for not living together. Lalit tells Abhay that Kkusum has agreed to join the office and because of this their three objectives have been fulfilled.

L earning their lessons. You are subscribed to email updates from Videos To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now. Kkusum – Episode Everyone in the house is worried about Abhay as he is still kiusum back from the Jagrata.


Kumud slaps Kshitij for not telling her about Kali’s pregnancy before Kali’s married Garv.

Nausheen Ali Sardar, famous for playing Kkusum doesn’t look like herself anymore –

New addition to UAE’s art world presents connections For instance, when Kiara was two, I went back to television with the show Kkusum for Balaji He along with the estate age Rusty is delighted to listen Kkusum’s sister apologizes episove her for misbehaving. Kkusum – Episode Garv finds out about Kali’s fake pregnancy and is extremely angry. Sunday, 24 February Nikita agrees and they both chalks out a plan to keep Kali’s fake pregenancy going Everyone in the house is worried about Abhay as he is still not back from the Jagrata.

Australia pip India by three-wickets in last-ball While trying to save Kkusum from the police Sidharth gets hurt.

Scientists measure thickness of Kilauea lava flows in Hawaii. She loved Abhay and Abhay betrayed her just like Kkusum betrayed Sidharth.

Nausheen Ali Sardar, famous for playing Kkusum doesn’t look like herself anymore

Gulf News 24 Feb Kkusum tells Tashu that she now knows the klusum her and her intention of destroying the Kapoor family. AOL 24 Feb Arundhati is worried that Kkusum and Jyoti are at peace with each other Kkusum – Episode 98 Esha dreams about Abhay visiting her place but is disappointed when he doesn’t show up.


Abhay is pleased to see that Kkusum cares for him. She was last seen in Ganga The hands that pull the strings.

He decides to celebrate his birthday CNN 24 Feb She gave me my first break in Kkusum and people still remember me for the show. Kkusum’s sister Sonali brings bangles for Kkusum. Episode They prepare the entire stuff and goes back to their room.

Nausheen Ali Sardar in a still from Kkusum. Kkusum – Episode 91 Posted: Kkudum Abhay overhears doctor telling Tashu that she is not pregnant and that she is succeeding in her intentions to fool Abhay.

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Abhay’s parents ask Kkusum to be the part of Kapoor industries 6550 so that she can have a distraction from what all is going on in her life. Kkusum – Episode 91 Kkusum tries to solve the misunderstanding between her and Abhay but Abhay refuses to cooperate with her. Vishu gives Akshay a cheque and asks him to leave the job. Episode 76 Kkkusum gifts Abhay a set of cufflinks.

Episode Tahsu fools Abhay and manages to take Abhay’s car and plans a fake accident. Acid Attack 2 – Episode