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Meanwhile, Muranishi’s manager thinks he’s been cursed from trying to renovate the office. Kirari and Fubuki end up tieing at the competition. That’s the perfect chance for Kirari’s grandmother to see him, and things get worse when Grandmother drags Hiroto everywhere with her Akane framed Kirari and the news about it spread quickly. However, Na-san refuses, already being loyal to Kirari. Who will win this confrontation? While Kirari discusses a new drama she has been cast in with her family, a boy comes into Kirarin Cafe and passes out.

Idol Battle Against the Super Fubuki!! Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him! Hyoutaro, a guy who Hiroto vowed to form an idol unit with until he moved away. Tropical Island of Tears? Rated K pour le moment. Erina, also in her new class, tries to make Kirari’s first day a nightmare.

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That’s the perfect chance for Kirari’s grandmother to see him, and things get worse when Grandmother drags Hiroto everywhere with her Erina, who fares worse, refuses to go into the water as water will only destroy her appearance.

Kirari and Erina enter a quiz show. InViz Media ‘s Revolutio branch licensed the anime for European release under the title Kilari! Challenge to a song!!

When the day really comes, however, will she truly really give up her first kiss to Hiroto? Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love. Surprisingly, Morning Musume’s leader, Hitomi Yoshizawahad come in disguise and forces the “judges” to admit defeat.

Kobeni and Noel is also in the group. Her destructive singing voice causes her to be kicked out by every CD producer. Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of a big crowd during a relay competition. I wonder what’s next Je veux lui dire, tellement To help out in EatRanger shows for little kids, Kirari takes her spot and dresses up as Pink. Disclaimer-Characters in the story are not minejust the story line.


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And around now would be the perfect time kirarn Kirari to confess her feelings to Seiji. Kirari must compete with Erina Ogura in a cake commercial. Erina finds methods to impress everyone over Kirari.

Kirari enjoys manga by Himiko Saotome. With Kirari’s help, will Erina be able to impress Subaru? Broken Fragments by Mayumi Selnia reviews Hoping to start fresh, Hiroto Kazama returned 4 years later from travelling around the world after the unfortunate events. Muranishi’s director asks Seiji if he would like pursue a solo career, but Seiji doesn’t want to sing without Hiroto. Obaa-chan Koi No Nekomichi!? Kirari and Hikaru Coordinate Clothes?

After failing to find a place to live, Kirari suddenly meets an old lady, who lets her stay for the night and invites her to a kimono competition. Papa is Against It!?

Muranishi assigns Kirari a manager: Love Song Echoing By the Sea Hiroto sees this as the perfect time for Kirari to confess to him! Specter-Buster is at Work!

Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene. This quiz show tests people’s critical thinking and IQ. My Brother Who Returned!! While the idols unwind and Kumoi and Higashiyama’s director fight over Muranishi director’s attention, an island “secret” appears Love’s Stray in New York!?

Mine by Winter’s Tales reviews Hiroto has to shoot a kissing scene with his partner, Izumi, and Kirari is feeling jealous. In Black Wood, Kirari has to forget her past idol career and start a new one, but she just cant forget Hiroto All the top idols are invited to do an audition. Kiraris birthday by micap reviews Kirari is teen idol who is turning Higashiyama, angry at Akane’s withdrawal, decides to take revenge on Kirari by cancelling one of her concerts. Hiroto is in New York while Seiji remains in Japan.


Over time, everyone starts to take sides over who will win, and Kirari, overwhelmed by the pressure, loses her will to fight against her friends. Blackwood is having a great start, but there is trouble ahead However, a sleepy Kirari accidentally gets lost in the city, and without her knowledge of English, how will she find her way back? Kirari is not very competitive at these sporting events, making winning a very challenging task for her team. Story Story Writer Forum Community. D’autant qu’il pense toujours qu’elle aime Seiji.

Kirari agrees to let Naa-san stay for three days. Although Kirari’s identity is discovered while saving Na-san, her confidence and persistence allowed her to become an idol.

Meanwhile, Kirari’s mother in the Tsukishima family portrait looks very familiar, like a certain actress A Tearful Scoop at a Triangle Battle!?

Kirari is the winner of the tiebreaker, with Fubuki questioning why she had lost.