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Glad you also enjoyed it. In December , when he was a second grade junior high school student, inspired by actors in the entertainment industry in his generation such as Ryunosuke Kamiki and Mirai Shida , Irie applied for the Ken-On Group newcomer audition, and passed. And…a big thank you to the subbers!. D Properly will watch 1 episode during lunch ; Will just have to see, I really want to watch IS as well: I love the story too! We finish off our watch-a-long with a bang! I really love the story…..

Have you seen Absolute Boyfriend?? And then he just says things like: Saw it numerous times and still it’s fun to watch it. D The swelling is still there and its sore, but I can walk almost freely on it and I can fit a normal sock on: Hi its nice blog and i love it. The main male lead is especially good, not to mention that he is very CUTE. Guess who’s crying like a baby!

Views Read Edit View history. So you should definitely check out the drama too ;D. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After some misunderstanding they will become friends.

Koto is trying to be brave and her mother is divorced and she likes to go out with different men. Retrieved 27 Mar I just wished they would make a new season: Good, frama and short drama. Before it was extremely unknown, which was such a shame.


The main male lead is especially good, not to mention that he is very CUTE. They think that they don’t have a place to belong. It was very good and touching, got very intense at the end of episode 7!!! Ahhh jesus she one of those mothers.

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Kami-sama no Iu Toori. Because is short, you can watch it even if you don’t have much time. Would’ve been better if he’d just said ‘I’m sorry’ or nothing at all. Yes, yes, I can see why you are crying like a baby – the scene with Haru and Koto on that ,ingyo is just too cute and romantic.

And then he just says things like: Let’s look on story.

I would definitely recommend this drama. Glad you also enjoyed it. When I spoke I meant the anime cx hehe. Has her voice disappeared due to stress? Kita clearly wants to cry but he ain’t asking?

Jingi Irie

P very sad but not in the overly dramatic way unfortunately only 8 episodes have been subbed out of D I can walk on my foot now: I get the point that the original manga where supposed to stop there, but the mangaka continued the story for us the fans. Acting is really good.


Email required Address never made public. Comic Natalie in Japanese. Zam igo Del ma voice and human form Eps. He has unbelievable charme.

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In England we finish High school at 16 and even at that age we’d like attractive guys change in front of us! Looked up your drama suggestion.

But I freaking loved it!!!!! I think I will see if I can download a few episodes at school ; The net is a bit better here kinguo at home ; I feel like watching something today: I have seen the first episode.

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They really should continue with them. Haru somehow feel that Koto is like him so he wants to protect her a little from being bullied.

I think you will like it Koto-san darma so cute!! Ouran High School Host Club is my absolute favorite: Thanks for suggesting that “watch-along” – I really enjoyed it. The story is nothing new but the actors are doing such a great job of portraying their characters.