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Joy April 26, at Sure, he has more money, more power than Jae-ha has. But the king has his people—from the woman he loves and his action wingman, to every last citizen in his kingdom, something that Bong-gu will never have. FL King’s Lover April 26, at 9: Saima April 27, at 7: I also love the scene where jae ha and hang ah were discussing the topic of club M.

Shi-kyung smiles and nods. Ok, I just had to see the following episode. Jae-ha gets led to a carousel, and he eyes the ride like, you want me to get on this? Osi April 27, at 6: Kang Han Byul Supporting Cast. She just saved my life. Thanks to this recap, I realize just how bloody awesome his insult is. I thought I was going to have to call when I made the mistake of watching this scene and drinking a coke.

Now, combine his eyes with his smile and his dimple. Shi-kyung smiles and nods.

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AMEN to the suits! More than his suits, I love his ties!!! He apologizes to all the Kim Bong-gus of the world for misusing their name. She finally opens her mouth… to mutter that South Korean playboys are always smooth-talking with their stupid words, as she sniffles back tears. LOL “and Shi-kyung just sighs, resigned to his fate as a funless bot. Do you have to say things like that right now?


However, matters of the heart is something that has got nothing hewrts do with high IQ, so he can be silly on that area. I do enjoy prissy king jokes, despite the gravity of the situation.

Is riding little horsies too emasculating for the super agent? K’ean comrades made a brief appearance!!

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That moment he speaks Japanese in that low voice of his with the sexy music in the background I was enjoying the second leads and their romance. I really hope they give us a kiss scene. They might just turn out like Hang Ah and save the king from an assassination attempt. Ya know she’s thinking she’s the only one who can make him shake rattle and role.

The King 2 Hearts

She opens up a few, overwhelmed by onlinr gestures, and then finds a note in one, written in blood? What with Seung-gi’s choco abs, Show please humor us!! He was feeling left out and not happy he was not involved in the plot.

Man, I loved loved him challenging Bong Gu, the way he threw it down “whats he saying”thats a slap in your face Bong Gu! Choi Kwon Supporting Cast. He did us proud!


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Among the things he tries: Where can i download iris korean drama full episodes for free? LOL I totally and completely second that. Tom leads Jae-ha around the carousel, and Shi-kyung spots them.

And I love how sweet Mom is. Not only that but he keeps bring so much depth and nuance to Jae-kang.

Saima April 26, at 8: Only that would save me from transforming into a puddle of goo Kang Han Byul Supporting Cast. She needs to get better, and who better to make her better than our loveable shi kyung? Summer April 28, at wxtch Then they turn to face the cameras.

Where can i watch full episodes of Korean Dramas? K2H, I heart you!! And the cherry blossoms falling were like the snow, it was a nice touch.

Lee Yoon Ji Main Cast. Allie April 27, at 8: So cute, fierce to each other.