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It didn’t work the first time, but did in my second attempt. You’ll go past the stairs to the New Orleans Square Disneyland Railroad station and find the ingredents by the next tree. Take the second path on the left. The Rustlers and Bandits have gotten some of Stinky Pete’s gold but he’s hungry so he can’t do anything about it! Baloo’s had some monekys steal his bananas help him get them back. Now head over to Mr. Head to Princess Fantasy Faire, after talk to Belle who thanks you for the dance and will give you the Royal Celebration pin. The channel you need to navigate is narrow and you must dodge the things being thrown at you without drifting into the banks on the side of the river.

This Mickey is on the dock made out of ropes in the fence on the East side facing towards the Pirates Lair dock. Return to Stitch with the photos. Pirates of the Caribbean Chapter 1: Fast travel to Main Street to find the hat. Get 3 flourishes on the Princess float. Make sure you have a lot of speed when you come to the first major jump a Mickey snowman will be on the left side but you want to jump off the right side with the coins This coin will be in mid air amongst a ring of regular coins you jump through. This book is on a rock across the path from Stinky Pete 6.

After you complete this adventure, you will have to wait for a while before her next adventure becomes available. Tiana is done cooking and needs some fireflies for mood lighting.

Disneyland Adventures Walkthrough

Take the left path on the 3rd fork. When you take the picture, zoom in on the right area, where the frame zooms in, and take it. A ” Pin Badge ” is earned by the averages of your scores in the different chapters of the adventures and is easily displayed before you begin an attraction and at the end before you “exit to the park”. What a Swell Pal 39 He asks you to track down hidden scarabs.


Match her poses to complete this adventure. Like most adventtures the other boat sections and like real boats in generalit is not terribly responsive.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Walkthrough

This Mickey is didneyland behind the band on the restaurant building. Briar Patch and River Secets 1. Pretty much right beside Baloo 4. When I can get it hosted Walkthroygh will link to a map of Disneyland from as close to the games time period as I can find. She asks you to find four white roses and turn them red. If you fail to get a completely perfect run, you need only succeed on the chapter you failed on the first time around.

Carved in a tree holding up the sign for Pooh Corner. Walkthroigh the left Photo Pass, turn around and face the Golden Horseshoe again. Down by the Rivers of America by the giant anchor. Sebastian want’s Ariels help with a parade but she needs pictures of what Under the Sea things humans like so they can design the best float.

This pot is on the cart. Head over to walkyhrough wave at the large band outside Pirates of the Caribbean. Turn around and follow the road behind episde fruit stand around the corner. It seems it may be impossible to do this mission without encoutering a few of Adventureland’s wand secrets. I wasn’t able to easliy get the hang of it however Fantasyland Volume 2 Album 15, But coins come easily.

He tells you that the treasure map from the cave leads avventures the fishing spot. Stand by the entrance to Splash Mountain. She figures they’ll be under water somewhere nearby.

Cinderella will now task you with finding spools of thread scattered around the park. The secrets in the river section are definitely the hardest in the entire game.

The second set is across the road at the door to the Main Street Coffee Shop.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Walkthrough

Turn right and continue up the stairs. Return to Barty after taking the pictures.


At the very end of the river area where the paths merge back togetherbe sure to collect the several circles of silver and gold coins. If you’re not in an adventure, it will lead you to the closest character in the park that has an adventure for you. The cake is ready but needs a special touch.

adventurws Your reward is the Royal Tea Party pin! Note that the ship will not move unless you row it and there is no time limit or reason to go fast so slowly sail your way to maximize the number of things you can collect. Rail Station Flowers 10 The third picture is of the rope bridge in the adgentures just as you enter Adventureland.

There are several clusters of silver coins surrounding a adgentures coin that you need to focus on to reach the 5-star score.

I was able to do it by standing near the trees and using the wand through the trees. Standing across from the Jungle Cruise entrance take a picture of a stone building. Once you enter the gates head arond the tree on the right and take a picture of the cannon.

You can not get 1 and 2 in the same run though 1. Down the Bayou Secrets 1. Destroy the three cameras and return to Buzz to finish this adventure. Before we return to Aurora, stop by the shop. The path exits out into the large park area in front of the train station. Disneyland Adventures achievements worth 5, 1, This Mickey aalkthrough low to the ground between the stairs and the front of the building.

The score consists of two main objectives that are tracked at the end of each level. Critter Country Explorer 45 That clicking you hear in the background?