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That Way Madness Lies. Speak to a filmgoer who has never watched a kibatsu film before. Recent Screenings Frames of Mind. Takayuki Yamada plays three characters in this stunning comedy: The Image Before Us: I wish I could be there for this film, actually, but I have other plans.

Recent Screenings Frames of Mind. This year, Chris MaGee the founder of J-Film Pow-Wow blog and the co-founder and co-curator of Shinsedai Cinema Festival Toronto curates a series of quirky, smart, and stylish films that delve into and explore the world of anime, indie rock groupies, outsider art, iconoclast sound artists, and unconventional love stories. The Image Before Us: Signals in the Sea. Inspired by Michael Snow. Thursday, June 7 8: See also my piece on Machete Maidens Unleashed!

A lonely fisherman finds a chance at romance and fatherhood when he discovers a single mother and her young son hiding in his closet.

Kibatsu Cinema: eccentricity, popular culture and contemporary Japanese film

Of course people will laugh. People want answers to these questions.

A remarkable day international road trip following acclaimed artist Yoshitomo Nara as he sets out to create an imaginary town populated by his iconic images. Thursday, June 21 9: Two bold, colourful, and celebratory films take audiences on a journey into the playful world of present-day Japan.

The live musical sequences in Ringing in Their Ears are electrifying. BE, and Lou Reed, in part because it was a damn sight easier for a solo-travellin’, non-kanji-readin’ gaijin like me to find venues like the Akasaka Blitz or the Liquid Room than it was to find some little live house in Koenji; fewer questions to be asked of strangers in broken Japanese, eh?


Girl Sparks From dynamic, up-and-coming young director Yuya Ishii, this film is light-hearted vancouber personal, realistic and fantastic. Thursday, June 14 7: Recent Screenings Frames of Mind.

This documentary looks at what happened to Matsuo Ohno, the unsung hero behind the sounds of Astro Boy, one of Japan’s most iconic characters. A cursory reading of the film descriptions for the series would suggest that all these films are very different from each other. National Canadian Film Day. Three Abreast Kibatus A Boat.

Kibatsu Cinema Returns to Vancouver – The Bulletin

This year, Chris MaGee curates a series of quirky, smart, and stylish films that delve into and explore the world of anime, indie rock groupies, outsider art, iconoclast sound artists, and unconventional love stories. What makes Kibatsu Cinema so popular? Casting Blossoms to the Sky.

Festival weekend is August Sachie opens a Japanese eatery near the Helsinki harbour, helping patrons through their personal issues in this stunningly shot sleeper hit. Here’s a photo of them: Thursday, June 28 8: For tickets or more information, visit www.

National Canadian Film Day. What are Japanese artists and filmmakers concerned with today? Festival weekend is Augustwith other events beginning in May. Kibatsu is a Japanese word denoting a person or thing that is, by ordinary standards, unusual or unconventional—and beginning June 6, the Powell Street Festival Society and The Cinematheque will present a weekly dinema of the unusual and the unconventional in Japanese pop culture and contemporary film with Kibatsu Cinema.


I went to a few shows in my days in Tokyo – often in the western reaches of Shinjuku or was it Shibuya? I Love ME and Traveling with Yoshitomo Naraexceptional documentaries on two very different yet equally compelling visual artists. Inspired by Michael Snow. Thursday, June 21 7: Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival A Love Story you have an amazing comedic performance vancouvrr lead actor Takayuki Yamada.

Signals in the Sea.

“Kibatsu Cinema”: Eccentricity, Popular Culture and Contemporary Japanese Film

Summer Time Machine Blues Youthful energy collides with the theory of relativity in a exhilarating and uplifting comedy about time travel from mega-hit maker Katsuyuki Motohiro. Email Facebook Twitter Pocket. Anirevo Events What would you like to explore next?