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Armadillo avoids polemic, leaving you certain only of the confusion and brutality of war. Finally, each of them faces a critical decision they never thought they’d have to make. In this verite-style film, three intrepid characters Teloo, Endar and Satty, allow us into their lives and their culture and show us first hand the human impact of an environmental crisis. He worked as a documentary researcher before moving to South Africa, where he made his debut documentary short Township Boys. Boy Wonder is his debut feature film. Stone by stone, Imrich is building a small house for his daughter Eva almost entirely on his own.

Along the road she is eventually forced into initiating the process of self-reckoning. Born in in Zilina, now Slovakia. After dropping out of university to make 8mm films, he debuted his first short called I Am Shion Sono! Born in in Olten, Switzerland. Born in Haiti, he grew up in Togo and Guinea. That means we have not changed.

As a terrifying tidal flood rips through their already damaged home, the culturally unique Polynesian community of Takuu, a tiny low-lying atoll in the South Western Pacific, experiences the devastating effects of climate change first hand.

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The father ends up alone with his dementic father. Later he made interviews for television and he directed episodes a number of TV series. Born inhe studied architecture, but in moved on to film. A universal feeling for life captured beautifully with a hand-held camera. He started making films at the age of seventeen. My Perestroika is her feature debut. Or so the Cassidy family assume when they discover an apparent alien in a shiny red space suit and helmet passed out on the living room floor beside the drinks cabinet.

There she meets Akira, a strange individual capable of flying. Essential Killing won a Special Jury award at the Venice film festival inand lead actor Vincent Gallo who acts without speaking throughout the entire film took the Best Actor award. Born in Gap, she is an actress, novelist and director. Jern born in in Lund, Sweden and Larsson born in are co-founders of the production company Dansk Skalle. When Mitsuko is caught shoplifting, businessman Yukio Murata comes to the rescue and quickly befriends the family.


How much money, how many actors, how much space? Jules, who has been looking to start a new career in landscaping, also strikes up a rapport with Paul. Born in Haiti, he grew up in Togo and Guinea. Zachary Oberzan, performing all two dozen characters himself, has created a monumental testament to the ingenuity and triumphant spirit of the lone artist with no resources.

Anne comes from a well-to-do family and just started law school. She lives together with her mother in the parental home they share in the countryside. We would like to share with you the enthusiasm that helped us put this programme together.

Kepszakacas work meanders between essayistic and documentary forms. In a small fishing village, tensions rise between the rebellious year-old Haru and her crippled grandfather, who she reluctantly looks after.

His work mainly consists of short fiction films and documentaries. Though there have been many documentaries about Gould, most are distracted by his eccentricities, focusing on the pills, gloves, and scarves while missing the man and message behind the music. Graeme and Clive Pegg and Frost are best teljss and die hard sci fi nerds, living out their dream by going on a road trip from the San Diego comic con to the legendary site of the alleged Roswell UFO crash.


Born in in Copenhagen, and grew up in a hippy commune. We invest in our customers.

Charlotte Bruus Christensen perc mins Nick and his younger brother suffered from poverty, abuse and alcohol in childhood. On their way, they have their own very real close encounter, when they agree to help an alien called Paul voiced by Seth Rogen.

The two will meet in the coldest village in France, but only after Candice has been found dead. His filmography includes short films, and various video clips.

Former bassist and vocalist with Irish band The Frames. Beside her feature film work, she directed episodes in the tv series Homicide, Six Feet Under and Hung, among others. After directing a number of award winning music videos, Our Day Will Come is his kepszakaxas feature film.

He has also directed episodes of Arrested Development and The Comeback.

Online filmek, teljes filmek – Wofonline

He studied at Emerson College in Boston. They start an affair as passionate as spontaneous.

He likes to play with his clockwork toys and every night his mother kisses him goodnight. Michael is flat broke and has kepszakxdas hours to pay. He is a changed man. His first feature film, the semi-autobiographical Falkenberg Farewell was screened all over the onllne. Thank you for purchasing our product. Now in his mid-thirties, Nick lives alone in a council apartment and has no intention of controlling his anger or changing his temperament.