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Kenn Kington is known around the country for being family-friendly and is a welcome addition to the Freedom Way Church. Then the women come back with the desserts and they talk around the table. I’m also working with an Emmy-winning production company on kind of a stand-up reality show. How does the word about what you do spread? He knows how to put together a good printed piece that connects with the audience, and is something that people will want to give to their friends. They have choice cards with A, B, C, and D on them. The long and short is that at 25, I was in the top 10 for sales with a Fortune growth company.

Everybody at the table is doing this game, then it wraps up with what I call a comedy content. They said, “Hey, we want to do something for couples. What about videos in the planning and development stage? What customers say about ChristianCinema. It’s called Stand-up Guys , and we’re in pre-production on that. I give them five tools they can use immediately in their marriages and illustrate it all with a lot of humor. It’s sort of an inside look at what to expect.

It was 18 years ago when I was able to make the switch. Fortunately, I met her right at the tail end of those two years. We provide the posters, postcards, links to the website, etc. I can share my story in a humorous way and plant the seeds without being overly dramatic. My buddy in California just got his kids graduated and out of the house, then literally a week later his mother-in-law and sister-in-law moved in.

A big date for us was going to KFC and a dollar movie. For more of Kenn’s comedy and to check his schedule, visit his website. There are two other stand-up comedians working on it with me. At what point did you transition from working in business to doing comedy full-time?

Does working in the corporate world produce fodder for comedy routines, or do people working in the corporate world need comedy to relieve the stress of their workday lives?


But if you have no promise and very little hope for something different during that time it’s working out, it’s definitely a check on your intestinal fortitude. We provide all of that out of our own pocket, and I don’t mind that because I know it will help the organizers reach kingfon objective.

I’ll kigton their card and send them a link to the website, or they’ll go to the site, and connect there. In 18 years, I’ve built it up to where that’s really the way it happens.

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But everybody in the room plays. It will be the culmination of my “Isms” contest. Like Us on Facebook. If it succeeds for the church, they’re going to bring you back, and if there’s a bigger audience, they have a greater reach.

I go through the questions again and make comments based on their answers. I’ll share a little bit of personal stuff kingtln the set, nothing too personal or heavy.

I realized about three or four years ago that the people putting on these events, especially if they’re pastors, don’t have marketing backgrounds. I’ve been all over the country. They said, “Hey, we want to do something for couples. We’ll probably film the first quarter of next year. cengral

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That objective is usually their people taking those pieces and actually inviting and bringing their friends. I’ve been out to Fresno. The questions themselves are hysterical.

Lenn not normally part of the crowd, and that’s who they’re trying to reach. Before that, I was in marketing and sales with two different companies. How does the word about what you do spread? I was invited to do dinners, and they asked me to do the funny part.

Travis Berkey is the lead pastor and his goal is to see lost people find new life in Christ and also to equip believers to mature toward Christ-likeness. I’m thi nking my church would really enjoy that, but I don’t see a lot of West Coast dates on your calendar.

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You mentioned your business background. What about videos in the planning and development stage? There’s a friend of mine in Texas who’s the 25 — 35 guy, and another friend out in Los Angeles is the 45 — 55 guy. There’s usually at least one opening act, and by the time they take the stage, they’re usually laughing and having a great time. It’s something I’ve become curious about since interviewing so many comedians, so when Kenn calls for his interview, it’s the topmost thing on my mind.


So, yeah, mouth to mouth is the way it happens for me. I rebuilt computers, managed a gym, pressure-washed sidewalks, cleaned windows. The Freedom Way Church has setup online ticket purchase abilities through the iTickets company to help all attendees of the comedy event purchase tickets in advance or on the day of the show. When we met, she was a teacher and was making much more money than I was. I’m actually doing a project in December for families and people diagnosed with cancer.

I had my midlife crisis at 25 and decided I wanted to do something else. Two years is not that long if you know that there is success at the end of the journey.

Whether your church has or on a Sunday, if you do this event, I’m interested in the percentage of people who are introduced to a church because they came with a friend.

It’s called Stand-up Guysand we’re in pre-production on that. Centrall do kingtonn video clips for specific venues, and we’ll throw clips on the website, or give them links to the website.

I try to keep my calendar to between 90 and dates.

So my passion is to be a bridge for fentral folks and have an event where they can say, “I’m going, and I’m bringing somebody.