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Come on, do not hold me back, it will get cold! Someone knocks on the door, Safiye goes to open it, and it is Feride. You left your job, and the gun went off! You will not win after what you have done. Disappearance from the sights! I will take a coffee. The court on duty is not tomorrow, Feride Warning, this scene may cause symptoms with the likes of nausea, vomiting, intense headache, extreme irritability, and you may even need anger management.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Of course, which date do you want? I did not mean it like this! We will find Orhan, Yasin. She goes and he holds her back. Maybe she should become an entomologist? I am angry at myself because of my revolt, Feride. Nazif Jr says that they also are not eating.

I do not want to get myself into a disaster while I am doing a humanitarian work.

With regard to the arrest warrant that came out, Mahir did what is fitting and turned himself in. I will ask you for a remedy to my helplessness, because I have no one else to ask but you.

How he touched you, how he looked at you, how he gave you the keys! And i loved the new characters in season 3 and btw season 3 was the best, everything was clear and everyone is working together to give this amazing result, all the karaayi are remarkable but season 3 is just something else, i’m so proud of the cast and i’m thankful.


Come in, you ferbuary on the seat of honour, and I am coming right away.

When a serial killer goes after former convicted pedophiles, it is up to Police Commissioner Abbas and his Chief Celal to stop the killings. I wish you to be angry at me, so I could stay away for a while until your rage comes to an end. I do not have a father or a mother alright?

I agree, you dumb woman! I will inform you when any development occurs, Sinan bey Nazif thanks him, and wishes him a good day. Besides, Feride likes him, and gives great importance to his thoughts While me and people like me are fighting for justice, we need our voice to be heard. What did you even do Mahir? Mahir, brother, do not do this.

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Get out of here! We will elope and will establish a new life for epusode I am looking for myself, not for you. Do not get involved in things that are in between me and Orhan.

He gets what she means, and tells her that it seems they are getting married again for their anniversary!

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I did not bring you good news this time, but I am searching for Orhan everywhere. An enormous life that I have ruined while I was sacrificing my days katadayi others. Let us go out of here, let us do what we are supposed to do to make you escape. Do you not have any relatives or something?!


Look, listen to me. To verify the expression of Necdet and has no intention to rescue him. I spoke to the men, and they will prepare the mattresses for you. Even a Llama is smarter than you.

I did not mean it like this! Are you out of your mind?

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I wanted to see him. Have you gone mad?! Yilan stares at Nazif, and Nazif goes to sit. And tell him that if anyone asks, neither did we see or hear about Orhan, nor about the person with him, alright? I did not know her value. Once he opened his eyes, he left. Damn kaeadayi I was a criminal, I would SO love to be treated like him with his own Zumba came to give important news to Yilan and he got pissed, but Karadahi interrupted him.