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Beliau turut menambah bahawa filem yang dibintangi Iko Uwais sebagai teraju utama ini sepatutnya diberi perhatian sebagai tanda sokongan dan kebangkitan industri kreatif dan filem di Asia. Archived from the original on 8 March When Yuda is released two years later, Uco takes him to meet his father, who hires him out of gratitude. Kazuki Kitamura as Ryuichi, Goto’s lieutenant and interpreter. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times reported that “The screening caused an explosion of excitement and enthusiasm for the film on social media.

Retrieved 24 December British Board of Film Classification. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 22 February , at He claimed that he would not do a martial arts film without Ruhian being involved. Test cam shooting today

British Board of Film Classification. The Assassin subdues Rama. Beliau turut menambah bahawa filem yang dibintangi Iko Uwais sebagai teraju utama ini sepatutnya diberi perhatian sebagai tanda sokongan dan kebangkitan industri kreatif dan filem di Asia.

They are led by Benny who betrays Uco’s trust before Tayanngkan saves him. It also supports new formats which recently Dailymotion rolled out. Now download videos in all formats from Dailymotion using DrollMotion video downloader. Bejo attempts to shoot him. The Raid 2 film complet en francais streaming by Lia Amelia 4 years ago 2. Berandal’ banned due to excessive violence”.

The Tzyangkan 2 has garnered a number of nominations and wins from both domestic and international awards.

Following the release of The Raidit was later confirmed that Berandal would serve as a sequel to The Raid. Uco is frustrated with his limited role in the organization and is furious when a bar girl calls him a “debt collector”. Results for Film the raaid 2.

Revealing his betrayal, Uco kills his father and shoots Eka. The film received 10 nominations at the local Maya Awardsorganized by online film community Piala Maya. Arifin Putra as Uco, a nefarious mobster who is the impatient son and heir to Bangun.


Julie Estelle jadi “hammer girl” di “The Raid 2”

He informs him that Reza, the true objective, is meeting Bejo and Tayqngkan at the restaurant. Retrieved 13 April Rama limps from the premises and encounters Keichi, Ryuichi and their men sent to attack the meeting. Taking place inside moving vehicles, a subway car, a noodle bar, warehouses, a porn factory, tight corridors and in the most electrifying mano-a-mano clash, a gleaming nightclub kitchen and wine cellar, the fights are dynamite.

In the story, special forces officer Rama is sent undercover to expose the corrupt police officials colluding with the crime families of Jakarta ‘s criminal underworld. Oleh itu, Pramono berharap agar isu ini dapat diselesaikan dengan baik demi hubungan diplomatik yang terjalin tayngkan lama di antara Indonesia dan Malaysia. Berandal gets new trailer, critics go crazy over it at Sundance Film Festival”. Si from the original on 9 January Ryuichi informs Goto and Keichi that Reza was seen entering Bejo’s restaurant.

Bunawar claims Eka “went rogue” and ten honest cops died. Immaculately edited, each traumatic, tensely tactile fight would blur into chaos if not for Evans’s pinpoint pacing something that refreshes all the more in the face of modern blockbusting’s tendency to start big and just keep getting bigger, until burnout.

So enjoy downloading videos from Dailymotion using DrollMotion and showcase, watch and listen to the ocean of never ending taangkan video download stream. Rights For ‘The Raid’ Sequel”.

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Views Read Edit View tayabgkan. With the precision of dance and the punch of a K. Berandal – sometime next year still undecided.

Houston Film Critics Society Awards. Roy Marten as Reza, a corrupt high-ranking police official affiliated with the Gotos, who Bejo wants to buy out in his plans for expansion. He informs him of Uco’s betrayal of his father.


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What to read next. Rama is heard saying, “No His alias “Yuda” is a reference to Uwais’ character in his debut film Merantau. Komentar para pemeran tentang Film The Raid 2 Berandal by netmediatama 1 year ago 0 views. Amber Wilkinson of The Daily Telegraph commented, “Hyper-violent it may be but there is beauty in its tayaangkan and wrote, “To say a martial arts movie brings something fresh in terms of choreography may sound like fighting talk, but Gareth Evans’s sequel to his film is endlessly inventive.

Rama learns from Lt. The film was released on 28 March During its world premiere at SundanceThe Raid 2 received an overwhelming reaction. Filem “The Raid 2” diharamkan di Malaysia.

Rolling Stone chief critic Peter Travers wrote, ” The Raid 2 lets its warriors rip for two and a half thrilling hours. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bejo brings the assailants from the prison riot. When he leaves the room, Rama plants a bug in his wallet.

Iko Uwais jadi koreografer fighting di Film The Raid 2 by netmediatama 1 year ago 1 views. Tio Pakusadewo as Bangun, a notorious kingpin who is one of the two mob bosses in control of Jakarta’s underworld. The Trip fillm Italy and The Raid 2″. On 6 Januarymedia outlets quoted director Gareth Evans stating that The Raid 3 will take place two hours before the end of The Raid 2. What Other’s looking for? But as a combination of all three, it’s unparalleled in recent memory and offers a tantalising glimpse into a post-Bayhem action-movie world.