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This episode is based on an extra chapter in Kamichama Karin Chu based on the original Kamichama Karin. The script is a warped version of Snow White starring Karin as the poison-apple-princess, Kazune as an evil prince, and Micchi as another prince. The Chronos Clock went haywire, and sent Karin into her past. Lists of anime episodes. Kazune starts training Karin, but she has trouble keeping up with his regimen. Kirika has arrived at the festival and is searching for Karin.

Rika says that their current power weren’t enough to destroy the seed. Kazune is suspicious of Karin because of the way she was acting earlier. And with the help of Kazusa she defeats Kirio and Kirika. Karin finds a cat in her room that looks remarkably like her dead cat Shii-chan. Meanwhile, Kirio is possessed by the ring of Zeus and goes on a rampage. Karin and Himeka notice a strange girl as they go into the bath, where Himeka opens up about her relationship with Kazune.

While Kazune and Karin are talking, Himeka disappears. Then it is revealed that Kirika isn’t dead. Kirio falls in love with Karin who is wearing a blonde wig.

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Meanwhile, Kirio tells Kirika that the festival is a perfect opportunity for them, but Kirika is hesitant. At the last moment, when it seems that all is lost, Micchi appears and gives Karin his ring. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The day for the performance has come, but Karin gets a stomach ache and can’t perform?! She begins school at Seiei Sakuragaoka, but becomes depressed when she realizes she does not know much about Kazune or Himeka.


On the other hand, Karin has switched her outfit with Himeka’s sumo outfit and must run from Kirika so as not to embarrass herself. Karin and Kazune are trapped in Kirio’s house!

To Omatsuri Dashi ” Japanese: Meanwhile, Micchi brings Kazune home, as he falls unconscious. Kazune destroys Kirio’s ring but collapses from fighting.

They get first place Retrieved from ” https: They are confronted by Kirio and as they both transform they become attached to each other. She comes back later with butterflies, accidentally making Kazune-kun faint. Meanwhile, Kirio is possessed by the ring of Zeus and goes on a rampage. Kazune agrees to help Karin study, but she must not only deal with his study sessions, but the Kazune-Z and Kirio as well.

Karin and Suzune found a Seed of Chaos. Eipsode, in the end of the original story, Kujyou told Kirio he was a man, leaving Kirio shocked. Note that none of the English translations are official titles.

It is revealed that Himeka loves Kazune, but does not think of him as a lover. When Karin and Kazune resolve their squabbling, they separate.

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Kirika seems to have been hypnotized by a strange black ring and tries to give it to Karin. Karin and Kazune squabble as eeng prepare to go to school. Together they get trapped in the past because of the door of chaos. Kazune defeats Kirio – both had their partners’ rings.

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Meanwhile, strange things are happening with the Himekas. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat They spend the day attached while Kirio ponders about their strange behaviour believing that it is an advanced battle tactic to do with being in love. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Karin’s class decides to do a cafe with costumes for the school festival.


Kazune is actually a clone of professor Kujyou and he is incomplete, which is why he passes out after using his kimika. She also learns Himeka has a crush on somebody, most likely Kazune known from some clues. He heads for a suspiciously locked room,and asks Karin to stay away from it. Karin makes a welcoming dinner called eel gratin which most likely had some concentration of alcohol still in it, seeing as Micchi was acting weird and Kazune got drunk from eating one bitewhich Kazune and Micchi eat.

Karin’s abilities improve while Kazune grows weaker, fainting even if merely transforming.

Kazune gets jealous of Michii because he kisses Karin, so egn don’t talk to each other. Karin brings her to her house. While looking for her ring, Karin runs into a small boy, Suzune, who is looking for his mother. Glasses Man is Everywhere” Transcription: Karin could not control the power of the ring but they were rescued by two strangers.