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As Ryusei attempts to catch him, JK reveals that his band Gene God will have a concert within three days. Gentaro asks him if his intent is truly justified, rather than merely fueled on his feelings for Sayaka. The others find Yanami as the Taurus Zodiarts takes his soul for considering to leave the council and turns the student into a drone. I never did get around to having those cameras installed. Soon after, as an excited JK is made a new member of the Kamen Rider Club to Kengo’s dismay, the red-eyed man tells the Scorpion Zodiarts to continue observing Kamen Rider Fourze to find out if he can be of use to them or a hindrance in their plan. JK reacts in horror, revealing that the Sunday lessons are a punishment only meant for the school’s worst students and that most people call it “Study Hell”. By then, the Dragon Zodiarts goes on the attack, again, to seek out Kamen Rider Meteor’s human identity before the Kamen Rider arrives to hold off the Zodiarts as Kengo and Rumi run off for the latter’s qualifying race.

Episode 29 Part 1: Once he realizes his identity is discovered, the Perseus Zodiarts reveals that he is indeed Soshi just as his Zodiarts Switch transforms into his Last One State. However, the Kamen Rider Club is then alerted to a Zodiarts sighting by Miu and Shun as they pursue him before Shun’s car runs out of gas. When Gentaro uses the Launcher Module on the Pyxis Zodiarts, Makise reveals that he also has the ability to redirect the path of objects and uses the missiles to destroy the locker. With the others taking their leave, the Gemini Zodirts creates an explosive clone of herself to kill Kamen Rider Fourze before Ryusei throws the Meteor Storm Switch for Kamen Rider Fourze to absorb the clone’s energy and use it to take out the Gemini Zodiarts. Taking Nonomura’s body to the Rabbit Hatch, the gang are shocked to find Ryusei entering their headquarters. As Erin begins her friendship with Gentaro and Yuki anew, the Horoscopes gain a new member in Sugiura with only the members corresponding to Pisces and Gemini remaining to be found.

I think Agile kaen can be an antidote against procrastination. Being born out of a need to service the security industry with quality and professional technical service, the company has grown its portfolio of business units and client base. Azusa Seta over her inability to speak the language fluently. By then, Shun arrives to try winning Miu’s heart before she finally explodes by admitting that she wants to go to the prom with Gentaro as the Zodiarts are having the upper hand against Kamen Rider Fourze and the Powerdizer.

By then, Gentaro and company arrive with Haru’s charm and he gives it to Ran. But when the school bell rings, the Lynx Zodiarts retreats as the others decide to go to classmeet up at the Rabbit Hatch after school.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? While searching for the locker, Yuki finds out that Mr. Gentaro and Ryusei manage to escape the Rabbit Hatch before it explodes, with only their banner saved from the wreckage.

Luckily, Miu manages to spirit her away to keep their involvement a secret.


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She reveals herself, saying remorsefully that she was only jealous of how Miu had always won and that the Scorpion Zodiarts gave ioo the Switch so she could win. Gamou soon confirms that he is the leader of the Horoscopes and his actions are to further his evolution, even if it means people get killed.

At a hospital later that night, Yuki suggests that they tell the school to cancel the competition, but Gentaro tells her they cannot.

Sonoda is looking for him. Astro Switch Secret Report http: Sonoda introduces a new transfer student named Ryusei Sakuta whom E;isode offers to help despite both Ryusei’s and Ms.

At the end of the performance, Tamae suddenly begins to act like she is being choked and she runs off stage. After she habitually flips him and Mr.

The next day, everyone gathers in the auditorium to watch the Queen Festival talent portion. Elsewhere, meeting Tatsugami and losing to him in a fight when his ability to fight a fully powered Kamen Rider Fourze comes, Principal Hayami is told that he has one last chance to redeem himself to Gamou by destroying the northern altar.

Suddenly, the Scorpion Zodiarts poisons JK before knocking him and Gentaro off of the building, just as they are saved by the Powerdizer.

On Tomoko’s advice, in conjugation with his faith in her, Kamen Rider Fourze uses the Fire Switch to absorb the Altar Zodiarts’s flames to increase his power before he incinerates her with the Rider Exploding Shoot. If you continually drive to keep the design and implementation as simple as possible and don’t get overly concerned with anticipating potential future needs, there is nothing left to do but build what you know is needed now.

After seeing a girl dump water on an arrogant guy, Gentaro and Yuki reveal to the others that a mysterious DJ named Gene has begun an internet radio show that has become very popular among the student body due to his advice. Episode 5 Part 1: She feveer the Fourze Driver and runs away with it until she episod paths with the Libra Zodiarts who is on his way to the final altar. Finding himself unable to hit episide to his shock, Meteor is put in a bind before Fourze arrives and is mortified to find Cycnus to be a sham.

Sonoda and several other students clear Gentaro’s name by placing the blame on the Lunar Witches. When they return to the class, Mr. Sonoda leads Gentaro into a trap to poison him with her Zodiarts form’s stinger while telling him that the agonizing death from her venom is what he deserves in meddling in the affairs of the Horoscopes.

He goes out to find the Perseus Zodiarts and he challenges him to episoed drawing contest. Losing him in the library, Kamen Rider Meteor cancels his transformation and unknowingly falls for the Cancer Zodiarts’s trap to uncover his true identity.

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Furthermore, Professor Emoto reveals another The Hole has manifested above Kyoto, as the city was designed to utilize Cosmic Energy, with four cardinal points before being alerted to a disturbance in The Hole. Episode 30 Part 1: In the Rabbit Hatch, Kengo watches in horror as the locker is destroyed, and he comes to epiwode realization that he is now trapped on the Moon.


As Gamou laments of losing his only remaining friend, the Kamen Rider Club have a moment of silence for Emoto as they resolve to honor his final wishes. Finding the ruckus, Gentaro sees Hayami transform into the Libra Zodiarts, who soon tells the boy to help him protect Ran as he proceeds to fight the Leo Zodiarts. Episode 41 Part 1: Later, Gentaro finds himself with Mei and the few Subaruboshi students left awake as he vows to save them from Yamada.

Canceling his transformation, Gentaro asks Ran if the Zodiarts is actually Haru before she flips him over onto the ground as she runs off in a huff when he offers to help. However, Tomoko reveals that she has only traced a death threat posted to the school’s website to the IP address of the man behind the Orion Zodiarts: Though a wounded Kijima escapes, he is dealt with hensjin Hayami stealing his Zodiarts Switch and tricking the Virgo Zodiarts with his illusions to send the arrogant youth into the Dark Nebula.

However, a monster appears from out of nowhere and attacks the group. By then, Gentaro gets a call about the monster’s location at the campus stadium. Getting Keisuke Yanami alone, Gentaro learns that Sugiura originally was for individuality before the previous president Sayaka Mibu warped his mind.

Oko think Protopage is a very cool “start page” service, but I would prefer it for private use and not public publishing. After JK formally introduces himself, he begrudgingly accepts Gentaro’s friendship as his price upon seeing the unconscious delinquents.

Episode 26 Part 1: Gentaro begins to get used to the abilities of Fourze, with Kengo’s directions in using the different Astroswitches, before he uses a combination of the Rocket and Drill Switches to initiate the Rocket Drill Kick Limit Break, defeating the Orion Zodiarts.

Ehnshin meeting with Gamou, the Aquarius Zodiarts begins to take out her frustration on people before Kamen Rider Meteor fights her, until she negates her transformation upon hearing his promise to Gentaro and then walks off.

She looked up at him with her emerald gaze full of anguish, and then she turned her head away, slowly nodding. After the Cancer Zodiarts explains he fevef here for revenge, Gentaro becomes Kamen Rider Fourze to fight him yet is outmatched due to his opponent’s hard armor that not even Magnet States has an effect.

Luckily, the Cancer Zodiarts reverts to normal as the Virgo Zodiarts comes to escort him to safety. He turns the Powerdizer into its Tower Mode, firing a series of missiles at the Orion Zodiarts to get it airborne so Fourze can hit it with the Massigler as it blasts off into the upper atmosphere.

At that time, Kamen Rider Meteor begins his golf game with the Taurus Zodiarts in a no-man’s land area.