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So, I think about it for a while, and then I work it out. Site Currently Under Reconstruction. We were discussing the more recent wave of performers, and that they seem more primarily concerned with how their performance makes them feel, and what it adds to their life or consciousness, when maybe it should be more about the audience, often a paying audience, and their experience, And that the priority should be more about the audience having a good time, and what you are giving to them, rather than it being all about what you are getting from it. By then burlesque was on it’s last leg and a year later the owner died, so I went on the road as a ”feature entertainer”. Because the cost is just crazy, and just getting stuff done — it seems to be about that, maybe a year and a half — it just depends…. View my complete profile.

I like to perform because I love to see when my audience is happy, or when they can escape with me. And I realise this seems like such a throwaway question and everyone has probably asked you, but I sincerely want to know how you feel — how it felt to finally win…? So I decided that I was going to do one, but it would be very traditional. No… But I spent a lot of time with Tempest Storm, a lot of time…. Mervyn LeRoy Written by: Photo by Jo Weldon. If you use photos from this blog you must do the same or expect legal consequences and general disdain.

Run-of-the-mill implausible sequin-fest featuring Aguilera as a small-town girl who quits her waitressing job to make it as a singer and is taken under the grizzled wing of former dancer and failing burlesque club owner Cher. Add This Blog to Your Google Reader Google Reader allows you to feed all your blogs into one page so you don’t have to click around between them. Now, my mother was a stripper her whole life — she quit stripping a couple of years ago; but like Gentlemens Club stripping.


Traditionally, the way we kikonuts it; the way feature entertainers and old burlesquers did it — we were up there for thirty to thrity-five minutes. I packed all my costumes into the back of my truck, I had six trunks and that was all that would fit. When I began this blog she was one of the first people I interviewed, but due to a few unfinished details my post got put off till now.

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Which kind of burlesque are you most likely to enjoy? What is your favorite aspect of burlesque as it is now? Please give me more variety! Also, every girl wore stockings and garters, or at the very least stockings. So I really have mixed feelings.

The amount of work involved in unexpected business opportunities has made this impossible for now, but there is still much more material to come.

Kalani Kokonuts

kokonute My book on how to do burlesque is available on amazon. Burlesque is the way I express my art.

Edward Bromberg When a performer is murdered, strangled by her own G-string, the other stars at a burlesque theatre must work together to expose the killer. Kalani Kokonuts News Post: But for the benefit of any of my readers, or maybe for performers who are either fairly new to the industry or performing, or for those who have ambitions and desires to improve and take things to the next level etc.

And do you remember your first experience of seeing the really vintage performers performing? I like to have a drink, but as I said, there was a lot of pressure on me, for me to actually win — I had to win it this year. It was SO wonderful.


Kalani casually remarks on kkokonuts very things most of us would love to say out loud or admit to thinking, but never do.

Burlesque in Hawaii! : An Interview with Kalani Kokonuts: “The Showgirl of Burlesque”

I did laundry, and I slept for a really long time, which is great. Can you talk about where you were born, and your early life — your origin and heritage…?

Who inspires you most, and why? Then the very large Odaiko drum must be transported by a moving truck earlier on the day of the show. They took their time too — they were out there a long time…. And I realise this seems like such a throwaway question and everyone has probably asked you, but I sincerely want to know how you feel — how it felt to finally kalahi

I was stripping underage in a topless biker bar in Alaska, when I first saw a ”feature entertainer. So I feel great. Then I drove from Alaska to Las Vegas.

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Another is something american, U. Totally outside the box.

How to Contribute or be Interviewed. Usually, on the day of a very important performance, I like to stay home and have some time to just be calm; I like to meditate, clear my chakras and everything like that.

And another one would be a cat — most girls had a cat show. I love the variety in burlesque.