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I will reply of those who say bad bout kyy. He shouts her name. Book is my date this year. U can read plot of kyy there. Upar se nange innu chapters odlikke ide. Manik asks if she sure she want to do this. On this pg i had commented for d first tym… Aftr being a silent reader frm d beginning.. Manik says that they have to jam for one last time and asks Aryaman to come and sit at the drums.

Daisy 10th Jan – 2: Manik leaves the performance in the middle and goes looking for Nandini, everyone else follows. Manik and Aaliya both agree and congratulate her for this achievement. The girl says she is Madhuri, Manik jokes if she is Madhuri Dixit. U srsly need some sort of treatment I never asked ur nationality! Sry minnie replyying u aftr so long..

Srsly u n true kyyian… lol??? Telly updates is one of the best thing dat ever happened….? Soha says she always knew he loves her, but Manik shouts I love Nandini. Be happy and jolly always.

Manik regrets as Soha has run away, he tells himself to relax where she can go. Wishing you a many many more Happy birthday Anu!?????! Soha gives the peon the chit with the powder, to be given to Nandini, with purple bag. Manik teases Nandhini that they can get Lasagne on the stall as well. Dhruv comes in the apartment, he cries thinking about Aaliya with him then with Varun.

Manik says thanks to her, seasoon says she wants to thanks him for being so special. Then she asks that she wants to do this for them because it is an important thing for her.


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The peon says he found it near old store room. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He had said this to him. Nndhani is making preparations when MAnik comes back and says that they have to be together forever and while they are holding each other Mukti makes a sound from the back and they leave each other and get on with the greetings. Manik is disturbed while the performance.

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Manik gets a call. And nanu IF nalli sa inactive irbekagtade. Sry for late rply plumpyy. Manik says they need to talk after performance. Mukti asks Cabir how he can do so, Mukti was angry and says she never knows what is going on between them. She says he is so innocent, but is shocked to see someone on the other side and shouts how did she come out. Group mein bhi nahi ho. Manik tells Aaliya to relax, Dhruv is a episose guy.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2 16th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Aryaman calls Nandhaani and says that he yaariyah to talk with her for two minutes and Mukti also says that they have to talk to Manik. Soha gets rid of herself and asks him to say I love you to her.

Nandhani takes his hand and says that he broke his promise but Manik says that he will make sure that Maddy doesnot stand up.


And u were talking bout gathering ppl ri8 so this is the ans- notonly 1 kyyian is enough for crore sick ppl. Aaliya writes, please get over the misunderstanding. Wish to meet all my frnz atleast once!!! Cabir says in microphone, that the delay in their performance is because of him. Dhruv finally smiles and joins hand with them all. Nandhini says she asked him to come here. Nandhini says that his girlfriend is really beautiful. And are on this pg since many damm months and v always cmt sensible things unlike u!

In the hall, everything is ready. Pls include these questions too….

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan season 2- Episode 31 – Dailymotion Video

updatd Mukti walks in and asks Naviya as to what the matter is ad the reason for being so sad. He cries viciously, he says that he hopes she understands he did this for the betterment of both of them.

Hw r u all??? Manik says that they have to jam for one last time and asks Aryaman to come and sit at the drums.

Soha takes Nandini out, when a teacher asks Soha what happened to her.