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Manik goes to Alya’s house to confront Mukti. Later, Manik and Kabir have made plans to spoil Harshad’s plan. Amma Maa implores Nandini to pursue her own dream rather than her father’s. Manik and Nandini talk about their problems. Raghav fears his relation with Kabir will soon be found. Nandini finds Manik in an unconscious state. FAB5 is left clueless when Manik is taken away to custody. Nyonika spies on Aryaman.

Mukti is with Abhimanyu at the hospital but he doesn’t want her to be with him as he wants her to enjoy Holi. Harshad takes Alya home after she regains consciousness. Everyone gets ready to leave for the farmhouse. Dhruv and Alya confess their feelings for each other. Nandini tells Rishabh about the party. Dhruv’s growing indifference for his friends worries Nandini. Kabir’s mother tries to convince him into staying with him. Navya’s mother questions Sunny.

Later, Manik and Kabir have made plans to spoil Harshad’s plan.

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FAB5 calls the police. Nandini and Manik have an argument.


Manik tries to make Nandini feel jealous by talking about Soha. Manik tells Nandini that he and Alya have parted. Kabir’s mother comes to yazriaan him and apologize. Kabir teases Nandini about Manik. Manik refuses to help Nandini.

Manik with the help of Mukti plans to expose Trilok. Aryaman’s plan gets bumped off as Nandini walks closer to Manik.

Khurana asks Fab5 about the progress of the songs. Dhruv prefers to stay away when the rest of the group come together. Nandini takes Trilok home to meet her aunt and uncle. Dhruv almost tells everyone about Alya and him. Dhruv turns out to be the only one mature amongst the arrogant five. Manik and Kabir executes their joint plan yhe change Dhruv’s mind.

Navya’s mother questions Sunny. The doctor gives Nandini and her aunt hopes about Rishabh’s condition. Alya finds that Mukti has started taking drugs again.

Nyonika and Aryaman have a conversation.

epixode Nandini tells Aryaman the truth behind Soha’s fatal death. Amma Maa implores Nandini to pursue her own dream rather than her father’s. Alya faints and falls down. Khanna she’ll keep Soha’s secret but in exchange of Manik’s arrest.


Harshad surprises everyone by announcing Navya and Nandini as his band members. Dhruv episoed Manik try to bond. Alya has a stress burst on Dhruv. Nandini learns about Soha’s plans. Fab5 win the talent hunt. Soha’s father tells Nandini her closeness to Manik will risk the album.

kaisi yeh yaariaan episode 240

Nandini learns that Manik has followed her to Mangalore. Maniks falls unconscious and Nyonika flies him down to a reputed hospital. Dhruv gets a strange feeling whenever he’s around Nandini’s brother. Nandini and Manik checkout the construction site. Manik’s mother comes to meet him at the hospital.