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It can take a while to really know what you want out of these things, and I honestly don’t believe this was him stringing her along. Kaeyi is far worse off in this whole affair. Emotionally, he’s probably much more ok with everything. My husband and I separated, in a way very similar to Kaeyi, My husband didn’t want me there indefinitaly but as welcome to stay untill I had a house lined up. Why feel bad for Martyn? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I did the same, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around their idea of buying the house. Good luck to both of you: TBH I’m not surprised that they Separated for the reasons stated. She actually keeps her word, too, naming her first dinosaur in Jurassic World: On top of that, she’ll be missing the income from the ITLD channel, which probably wasn’t a ton, but not insignificant, either. She’s left with a small flat, probably less money as I suppose Martyn supported her financially while they were a couple, and she can’t even take the cats with her. When they moved in, Kaeyi had a job.

While Martyn is continuing his work it doesn’t mean that he’s not feeling upset while doing so.

Put on a brave face and get through the day; such is life. It’s not really our place to discuss this but martin was clearly supporting her a lot. She says it’s none dra,a our business, but she made it our business by talking about it on platforms that her fanbase definitely reads.

Don’t agree with things Martny never claimed. At the end drqma the day at least it isn’t a messy breakup and they can remain friends not many people can say that about their exes haha. Check out the subreddit Discord!

Most of my furniture is at his house, which is why I’m welcome to go to his house after work because he has a bathtub for me kaeji have an epsom soak in. To be honest I suspect most of the idiots suggesting he was deliberately stringing her along have probably never had a proper long term relationship.

Last line I’m not quoting was downright mean, uncalled for, and breaking rule 8 which is why the comment was removed.

There’s one reason why this blog is not a complete waste and data on this hellsite. This is the first time I have seen anything like this between them, so I just wondered if there was some background to it. This is an amiable split, they are remaining friends, they have their reasons, they jartyn both heartbroken but still care about one another.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. They asked us not to speculate about it but people are doing it anyway, and it’s very thoughtless and insensitive to be doing it here, of all places, where people know they frequently read and comment on posts.

Submit a new text post. He’s supported her a lot, shes in the exact same position as before while he isn’t. And God damn, is it so hard to spell his name correctly?

Kaeyi used to live in her student house with flatmates and moved in with Martyn, thinking they’d be together not necessarily forever but at least for more than One and a half years.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. To blame him for ending a relationship is petty and not a position you have a right to stand in. Even though they documented their lives and their relationship kasyi in their vlog series, they’re still entitled to privacy, and to speculate about this stuff in a forum that you KNOW they frequent is cruel, it’s kicking people who you already know are down!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It’s not like Martyn broke up with malicious intent; I’m sure he and Kaeyi are actually still friends. After seeing that on reddit, she went off on one on twitter about it. I agree that it’s cruel to bash him and I’d love everyone to give him a damn break! I moved out of our house, into a place that was not healthy for me physically Too cold and cut off or emotionally The housemates there abused me and I struggled to marryn as my condition deteriorated and then I struggled to pay my bills in regards to physio kzeyi therapy.

He reviews albums, in French. For that reason, Kaeyi and Martyn have my full support and admiration. Well, as far as I understand, Martyn was taking care of all the house related bills already, since Kaeyi was working on getting better so I don’t really think he will be much worse off financially. CaffCast Caff in the evenings! Let us all understand that these two are taking steps to healthier lives. You need to login to do this.


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Yogscast Trouble in Terrorist Town. What was the argument about? Similar to customer service. Next time you stop uploading and streaming because comments give you anxiety, remember to take your own advice. Sometimes people are just better to have as friends and that’s just the way kaaeyi works. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Putting on a brave face for the world while you’re breaking underneath is what people deal with every day.

It’s cruel and awful and achieves absolutely nothing. Of everything you’ve said, any reason that anon specifically called out a akeyi about Katie from ? I like Hannah, and honestly don’t feel she would intentionally do or say anything to hurt or shame Kaeyi, which is why I found todays tweet odd. Don’t not feel bad for Martyn, but I think he’s ended up with a far better deal than Kaeyi.

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I found it so odd how Martyn was able to move on with his life so quickly and upload videos on schedual and continue to livestream as it nothing was going on. The ride never ends. The Worst Shit This video is like dying. Due to the Internet Backdraft mentioned below, her somewhat cynical attitude to Tumblr and the fanart community, and some content such as Outlast which isn’t entirely merited and has attracted some undeserved, badly researched criticismHannah has at points proven divisive among more vocal parts of the Tumblr community.

And, at the very end, one final note: Kayei tried to find out kaei time ago but there are too many videos to sieve through.