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Back to my pinkish white glow article, but hoping that the next movie from Star Cinema would be better than these two. Let’s see what the future holds for this senator who makes Sen. Finally dream come true…. E-mails are welcome and you may write to me at: It would not matter that much if these were said by a bystander or a high profile person who speaks the truth. Go sell Julie, Elmo and JuliElmo, alone.

Kim Chiu is Queen Chiu. As a fan of the former team-up of Gerald with Kim Chiu, I was not ecstatic at all when he began declaring his admiration for Sarah on national TV. The latest about this is quite unbelievable if proven true. Now it was proven that we can do something and that is to decide not to watch this flop film. Their not even friends. Posted 4 years ago.

Maria, breaking the news about their rumored romance gently through Twitter?

In the end, I just hope that Sarah finds her happiness and Mommy Divine learns how to accept. It is the same old boy meets girl crappy Filipino movie. What the hell, you call this a review?

Congratulations to Julie and Elmo! For sure, there must be a pretty good reason why Angelica Panganiban had chosen to vent out on Twitter regarding the issues with Juliielmo Ramsay and John Lloyd Cruz. Even though she is now known as Dara of the hit Korean group, 2NE1, many Pinoys still love her and will remember how she made it appear that to be a krung-krung is cool at the height of her popularity here in the Philippines.


Reblogged 6 years ago from enzane Originally from charmainedoble-blog. Sarah has still not found her match, a man who will love her including the parents and siblings unconditionally.


It’s a very good film. Standout Star- Coco Martin. Okay, I choosed not to blab about it at first kase hindi lang naman puro juliielmo sang-ayon ang nababasa ko.

Teach me how to dougie…. Julia Montes should have exchanged looks with Maja for the ball.

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Julie can stand alone, Elmo can stand alone; but JuliElmo is better together. It would have been okay if the senator had accepted his mistake of forgetting to give credit where it is due, after the story has been told, but julielml, he remained arrogant and stood by his crooked reasoning.

May 28, in Asian Heartthrobs: No, not that one. Tito Sotto Ought to Learn about Humility.

Pero, naiinis ako bakit kase kailangan na maging ganito. Tas ang sexy pa ng balikat nya… Anong sa tingin mo ang reasons kung bakit tinapos julieljo Together Forever? August 14, at 8: Hehe,, Bakit galit ka kay Elmo?

Nasa history na ng GMA ang mga flop movies. Alam nating may issue, kaya wag sanang ipilit ang kahibangan na ito.


GMA Films’ “Just One Summer” movie review: Feel the ‘JuliElmo’ love

I’ll include this on the hit list because this made me laugh. There are audiences, of course, who prefer Vice’s style, but there are also those who have yet to discover the funny antics of Ate Gay. For me, it is the other way around.

Over-reacting is different from being concern. So this is glop happens when celebrities are off cam.

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She’s even prettier with cutie Daniel Padilla by her side. This is just the beginning for JuliElmo. After the JuliElmo launching movie failed big time on the tills, I just find it amusing that the team-up still keeps on trending on Twitter.

I am not that excited with the other casts, including guest julielo hello Cristine Reyes! All the emotions that has surfaced… all the words that were spoken … and the story of JuliElmo just flashed back in my eyes like an epiphany, a movie unfolding. Xian Lim, shining on his own without Kim by his side.