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Out of the box.. Sep 10, 18, 0 0. Ferrio Banned Aug 4, Although I still can believe that a guy who is kind of girly ie. It actually felt good to verbalize my thoughts. What do you mean it makes guys look like girls? It was really funny to see their expression on their faces once they know all of them were guys.

Sign In or Sign Up. By emilia4 in General Forum Started 2 hours ago. And of course, observing people is great. Dali Member Aug 4, Who comes up with these things? I’ve been going to a hair stylist I really like for a while now. This one is begging for the gif treatment:

Nov 8, 14, 0 0 Gardena,CA nwestfield.

Boys turn into cute girls on Japanese TV show (Josou Paradise)

This is pretty fantastic. A guy’s button down with the buttons on the other side is a small thing but might feel meaningful as might wearing a belt the psradise direction.

Yes, yes touch the breasts! She probably knows of somewhere.

Nov 5, 52, 0 0 SF Bay Area. Love this color, it’s mad Some other things I’ve done joaou to buy a pack of men’s briefs to wear. And other than my arms most of the rest of me is clear of hair or getting there.


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[TV Show] Gakko e ikou! MAX の Josou Paradise | getLazy

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. I first came across Josou Paradise about 16 months ago on YouTube.

Feb 8, 4, 0 0 Erie, PA. In order to change your voice within a natural range try working on breathing exercises and try speaking from more sort of from the throat. We love Ken, we love his band, and we especially love Ken’s hair in its various joeou.

Guybrush Threepwood Banned Aug 4, Apr 6, 27, 0 0. Watching others as Tracy notes is a great way to learn.

Gakkou e Ikou! MAX & – inside is a burning dream..

Dali Member Aug 4, Apr 23, 11, 0 0. Not sure what to do?

Jul 24, 5, 0 0. A crazy show indeed, but what I loved was the fractured English subtitles.

Those crazy japanese

Have paraddise with it all! Put your hand on your tummy Mar 17, 6, 0 0 Not sure if I’ll do anything for spring.


Jan 7, 15, 0 0. It actually felt good to verbalize my thoughts.

Oct 25, 38, 0 0 Toronto, Ontario. This one is begging for the gif treatment: Carolyn Marie 65 years old. There’s another show with a similar theme from years ago: Thank god for that god-awful face, eitherwise I’ll be at the halfway point of that “confusion”. I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. Not bad, but this one is still the all-time champ in my opinion even if the video quality is total shit: Julie I have never been to a hair salon.