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Actually, I’m not sure, but there might be a possibility the vote did go through. By rubie Started June 16, Episode 13 recap l taizhu. Surprised at the ending but hurrah that Seol looking happy in the last scene. I really liked that one and I’m looking for more dramas that are similar. I thought that it will take him longer to do a comeback to TV. The probability of his return with this project, since the double contract controversy surrounding Korean Entertainment Management Association, is increasing by the minute. It hutst me badly to think that it’s almost over.

She has to suffeeeer. He needs to get paired up with Eugene SES next. Yoon-ju meets her father for lunch, only to find herself ambushed by a blind date. English translation [ X ] by antisocialnot. Scriptwriter Choi also says, “An NIS agent will be the main character as in the movie while the Presidential Security Service will serve as a major setting. Ok, I’m warming up to this one clock Ep 10 – mediafire l elaiine.

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They have to make a break for it when a few bystanders recognize Seol and chase them, clamoring for photos, and manage to escape safely. Any other good dramas similar to these ones?

They have their own league invisible to the common people. Ooh, I like this interpretation! Please click to korrean actual size to save and upload separately on ImageShack, Photobucket, etc.

Ep 10 – mediafire l elaiine. Korea, the last divided nation on earth, is constantly under political and military tension with the surrounding countries especially with the North Korean nuclear issue. I like light korean dramas, because I turn to chinese cantonese dramas for suspensful. Do they shut the doors? I know this is a question that has been asked quite a few times before, however I would like to ask it anyway. Methinks he really likes her in real life.


What are some good korean dramas?

Lee’s High Salary page Nov What are these tailored fabric coverings on ourselves? Chinese hardsubbed megaupload jorean elaiine. Episode 18 full recap l joynara. The scene where the Prof’s all female students ask him to go out to eat was so much jonmedia compared to the dark, damp, damned moments he spends with YJ. IRIS Opening credits download l joynara. HY really loves her so much that he gave up his fotune for her!

I like the open ending Press Conference pics in thumbs page Or at least a second season if they’re able to. But it’s a good thing with all this success, he favors Korea Torrent Link Ep12 X What a love story!

MP3 format, kbps l Mediafire l Megaupload l lilcrash. Watching Love Buffet and may start on another one starring Mike He. Blockbuster dramas of filming at various overseas locations page 8 May As long as they show some love in ep 16 there is hope that my dapper genes will be passed on for at least one more generation.

The days go by and two days before the vote, Seol gives koren interview with Reporter Yoon. But then he assures Jung-woo that he has no intention of keeping the money — this is his strategy to get the citizenry worked up.


Lie to Me Team ViKi. She’s a princess by birth and she still can live in the palace built by HY’s grandpa. Word of the day – vacillating: Episode 2 wallie l TOP l 2uss page Ep English subs courtesy wiredbox. Rapidshare l joonmedla l l l l l l l hjsplit. IRIS interview with Dir.

Lisah February 24, at 8: Haven’t you seen the pictures of him online? Episodes by odilettante. Lee Byung-hun broadening his acting career overseas Apr I JUST found about this drama yesterday,!

And it’s worth the extension, although Dream High should also get one too Torrent Link Ep69 iloveyou: Does anyone know where this drama can be watched online? Or they get engaged, and then take a drive at night to the inn for some privacy. Klrean married in spite of interference of her mother in law, Mrs. Torrent Link Ep15 X He and Hyun Joon are friends in work but foes in love, as both care for Seung Hee.