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Login or Register before you can reply to hetieshou. Hope he divorces her and moves on. Jelena is currently still living with her parents and grandparents. The drama tells the story of Ha He once said he will forgive cheating up to 5 times so I see him forgiving her and giving it another go. It is about Jia Nailiang realizing that his wife wants another man. I wonder if pride got in the way of forgiveness. Once someone cheats, it changes everything.

He loves her so much that he got ten earrings because he knows she likes guys with earrings. The guy obviously loved her and absolutely adores his daughter too and valued his family a lot. He and his wife need to work out their problems. But all other comments seemed to ignore this key fact. Cheating is not pretty and to be publically exposed for it is even worse. He deserves way better anyways as she not only hurt him but his parents and their daughter too. I find it sad that he did not divorce her as she does not love or respect him. He also said that Lu Lu his wife is trying her best to become a responsible and good mother to her daughter.

Li Xiaolu Works Through Marital Problems with Jia Nailiang |

Forgiving him allowed me to move forward without any bondage. She is not pretty, has princess syndrome, takes advantage of her husband,etc… Jia Nailiang deserves way better.

Login xiaolj Register before you can reply to hetieshou. But I must say that women and men should reserve themselves for the ones they truly love instead of just having sex with anyone who crosses their path. True and that is one of the prices you pay for being a celeb. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission xiaou prohibited.

The current cheating scandal in C-ent with married Li Xiao Lu hooking up with rising young rapper PG One is really one for the books on how blatant it is.


I think he can do better since Li Xiao lu did not love or treat him well anyways.

C-netizens Pity Cuckholded Jia Nai Liang for Being a Fool in Love with Cheating Wife Li Xiao Lu

Damn, people judge so easily here. That is too sudden. I am not judging anyone. Does she deserve him? Despite a seemingly blissful marriage and successful career, Li Xiaolu risked it all when her extramarital affair with rapper PG One was exposed late last year. I can tell that Jia Nailing still loves his wife very much. Even if Li Xiaolu denies the affair, the way she behaved says otherwise.

Login or Register before you can reply to jaraket. He is a weak man in my opinion. Jia Nailiang sounds pretty heartbroken too. Sweet hope is a loving little angel, will accompany mother to visit the school for the blind children will be distressed, the bird was frozen, to give the bird nest when the mother’s hat. But what matters is, she seems to be his happiness.

I had a feeling she had bad princess syndrome and I was right. I think he reached the end of his rope and realizes his wife wants to be with another man as you said.

But understandably maybe he’s probably too fed up with huge popularity. They were told by friends that they were too poor. I have never known Jia Nai Liang before. I was so surprised by this news. I do wish them the best of luck and I hope that they can work something out for the sake of their daughter. But all other comments seemed to ignore this key fact. Basically with her track record, he is playing with fire. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

I am sorry to my in-laws and my parents; you should be enjoying your time in the age of happiness, and not having to worry about your children.

However, she did leave one post behind in which she had denied her affair with PG One. Dang- I feel sorry for him. Anonymous August 30, at 8: Login or Register before you can reply jka jjwong.


Both have rejected several job offers and have only been spotted out occasionally taking their daughter out. The poor child, or any more future children are the ones who suffer.

Some people would say when someone is a cheater, he or she will always be a cheater. I wonder if pride got in the way of forgiveness. He gulped down his pride and chose to be with the one person who has the most say, his wife.

Lang but if this were turned around and he was the cheater and she forgave him everyone would understand her.

The couple welcomed a daughter, Jelena, soon after. Login or Register before you can reply to msxie She is a mix of her parents. She agreed, she is an adult, she agreed, she had a child with this man and then cheated. Login or Register before you can reply to mangotango. And I hope he can get over her and find someone who deserves his love. What you sad here made me think he must has very low self esteem to put up with someone like her.

I have to say, I believe the media this time. Guess the bubble has burst. What makes no sense is Jia Nailiang asking the public to stop hurting his family. Jia Nailiang expressed that as a public figure, he understands that his xaiolu life must be sacrificed.

Jia Nai Liang

He should have divorced her. A lot of folks say that it is hard to trust a cheater in the future. Time is too short to be repeatedly getting hurt by the same person. Anonymous September 1, at