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She hears his voice and turn around, seeing a White Lion Jewelpet named Granite. Sapphie explained that he’s a professional ice skater in the Human World and he wants Peridot to be an Ice Skater due to her agility and skills. Ruby talked to Kanon about it last night about her future, with Kanon jokingly said she won’t pass. Angela finally get annoyed and stops her before her magic goes out of control. Both Ruby and Kanon decided to do everything they could on their date while trying to win Mikage’s heart again. Charlotte remembers the day when she first met both Shouko and Waniyama in the Sunshine Academy.

The next day, both Mikage and Jasper have a rivalry with each other; all because of Mikage’s way on eating curry, which angers Jasper to the point of a showdown at the academy. Archived from the original on June 10, Kanon In Ruby’s Body however is becoming more jealous on the Jewelpet flirting with him. Retrieved March 10, On the other hand, flower sound left for the cause of person whom there was with dolphin teacher in order to investigate mystery of dark jewel power. However, Luna also wants to take the test as well as both Jewelpets compete to see who’s the strongest. Ruby and her classmates must do everything they can to graduate, enduring a lot of tests and hilarious situations thrown at them and for Ruby, putting up with her annoying roommate Kanon while sticking together through thick and thin.

The next jewelpt, Angela was mysteriously kidnapped by the strange girl. Look Behind You Yay!: Titana decides to bust her out, but ends up destroying the whole prison, with the four of them miraculously surviving while the song I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is playing in the background. Mikage is happy to see Ruby and the others that he lets them tag along in the human world, at the same time making Kanon seriously angry.

Jewelpet Sunshine: Episode 52

Because of this, she decided to send Titana to the human world to spy on his home and reveal this secret and take it back to Kanon. After they save him, they saw the Princess of Dragon Land crying and the prince promised to rescue her after he saved his parents. Ruby sees Kanon packing up one night and asks her about it. Sapphie has a dream to be the first Jewelpet to reach the outer space and beyond.


Or the biggest Broadway disaster? The story enters the final phase. As their motives is to catch Ruby for the Phantom, both Kanon and Iruka tried to stop them and tell Ruby to catch him. How will he finish the film and the same time, admit his love to Garnet? After the mysterious girl, turning out to be a princess and the prince reunited in the borders separating Dragon Land, Ruby and the others were both confused and yet, surprised.

Now in the present, He is still admiring Kanon with all the chores, but somewhat ignored by Kanon’s friends. Ruby and her friends decided to help her deliver the gifts all over Jewel Land. After another trip to the Human World, Hinata gave the Jewelpets some treats from their visit, except Labra, which resulted for her to cry and cause a magical spell to activate, teleporting Ruby and her Friends in a deserted island several miles away from Jewel Land.

The battle still continues episod Ruby and the gang still keeps up jdwelpet try to oppose the Dark Queen with all of their might. The next day, Garnet didn’t get accepted again in the auditions, but when she was about to go home, she helped Dian by fixing his attire while giving out her name to him. Girls worked hard for the making of chocolate in sunshine school. Ruby is still jealous of her and still insisted on getting Mikage back. This was later learned that it was caused by Dark Jewel Magic affecting the Aurora and its consequences it will have in the entire land.

Cause tight gal dajo of Juri Ougi one-length cling-wear descends under the influence of dark jewel power!

Jewelpet Sunshine episode 52

Meanwhile, Kanon and the others were also going to Dragon Land as well as told by Nejikawa about the mysterious guy who brought Ruby and her friends to the same place.

Kanon, Ruby, Mikage and Tour go on a double date in town. She tries to find a way to make the shop popular and earn a lot of money to pay for the debt before the deadline. The class in the Plum Section all dream of graduating from the academy and pursuing their dreams, despite the class’s dysfunctional behavior and seriously hilarious antics that would make everyone’s head spin.


Angela finally get annoyed and stops her before her magic goes out of control. Archived from the original on July 9, Ruby and her friends finally found out about Rin and the mysterious boy on the beach, who turnedout to be a prince. As Peridot shows all of her taken pictures from all of their adventures, the whole class relive their moments on those times, either good or bad but they are not enough for the album.

The next morning, everyone in the Sunshine Academy were discussing about the masked guy while Mikage is out of thought until Masago asked him, not knowing that he is Phantom M-Kage. It is not stopped with juerina-like magic chilliness becoming either; and both jewel land and sunshine school are crunches!

Hinata noticed that it was the epiaode of Dark Jewel Magic. After a few battles more battles and Kanon finally discovering the Mysterious Key from Jasper, the Dark Queen makes her final move and freezes everyone.

Kanon and her friends went to the Cream Pasture for a field trip with Fluola joining them. After they get rejected, they all consulted to the king and queen of the other side of the kingdom, in which it didn’t end well.

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The Sunshine Academy has usnshine new kind of bread being sold in the cafeteria called the Jewel Bread. Iruka is having a hard time assigning each of them to their future jobs until its Ruby’s turn, in which she said that she wanted to be a pop idol or get married to Mikage. However, Kanon walked in and defended Titana, making him admire Kanon.

Ruby and Sapphie Yay!: