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Andy says wait what is a moustache ride? Andy says start by thanking your friends and family for their love and support. Boy, its not looking good for the home team. It makes the HOH worthless. There is nobody worth rooting for, or really rooting against, now that Jeremy is gone. So you must be on totally familiar ground. When she was called out on her lies and her alliance stood up to her with Helen turning Boston Rob on her and basically saying you are either with us or against us, the dr told her to just stay with Helen and vote out Kaitlyn.

Spencer says I am just going to lay low and work with them.. Where do we go from here. BB12 sucked as it was boring to see everyone get systematically eliminated by the Brigade, but at least it had Rachel acting like a wacko and it was fairly interesting to see the rest of the house blind to this obvious power. Helen says that she feels used! This theme is Bloggerized by Lasantha Bandara – Premiumbloggertemplates. Rute Coradinho 1 August at Elissa asks McCrae I wonder if my husband is proud of me. A lot of the gaming of Spencer and Howard gets back to the Superfriends.

Well tune in next week. Just my opinion I know but she actually does know the people she talks about knowing.

The Rickey Smiley Show Season 2 Episode 1 ~ youwaza33

The HOH comp had nothing to do with strength or speed. Helen says that Andy, Elissa and I are on the same page about getting Aaryn out and we could all go down in flames for keeping you.

That Amanda just cracks me up. You can take that to the bank. Then, a feisty freeloader is going through the garbage of a barbeque joint and Turtleman must catch it before the situation gets even messier!


Thanks for giving the download links but it seems like episode are broken. Helen says she told Spencer that the three of them have his back. Imagine how drama-filled and entertaining that would be.


Jessie S 2 Ep 26- G.I. Jessie

Reef Doctors Season 1 Episode 7. Pretty smart of her to know that Spencer was lying about the Grasshoppers alliance. Make up you fucking mind! Aaron is not working with Spencer or Howard. This week was a snoozefest! This sdason why the TV show Cupid has not been released in DVD due to a lot of the songs in the show are not covered due to not having permissions from various artists, etc.

Helen summation on Kaitlin is right.

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I know hate is a strong word, but I am starting to hate Amanda. So you must be on totally familiar ground. Whatever gets you through the day…if you believe it, great.

Helen points out that her and Elissa are not as powerful as everyone thinks. Videobulll thought it was to help her go to the bathroom but Judd thought it was to mess with people.

I thought no one could hit anyone in the house…. Andy tells her to leave him alone he is his own person. Is that you Amanda? This is default featured slide 1 title Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences. Omi Jack 16 November at Spencer says Howard can do what he wants. It all reminds me of a small boy swallowed some videobulp and was taken to a hospital.

And possibly Elissa on a limited bases of information. That puts your expertise on this matter far beyond any of ours, and therefore people are more inclined to listen to you-but they deserve a legitimate reason why. We need to act like their lap dogs. That joke just cracked me up. If its boring you, stop with the zzzzzzzzzzzz posting.


You are very aptly named…. Kaitlin was in the group with Spencer and Seaeon among others talking about putting up Helen among others.

What department, specifically, did they work for on Big Brother? Just to see who turns on whom first. Jrssie amount of times Amanda mentions and drops names of CBS employees and other Hollywood bigwigs, I am now personally convinced she is going to win. Did she actually punch him or just tap him?

Spencer says I will submissive to them for now but if I get HOH I am going to DROP A BOMB!

BB12 sucked as it was boring to see everyone get systematically eliminated by the Brigade, but at least it had Rachel acting like a wacko and it was fairly interesting to see the rest of the house blind to this obvious power. Now forget this foolishness and get on with the game!

Sorry but the links of episodes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 are broken.

Then click the thevideo. Jeremy I was pretty happy videobuull see go. Why do I have this uneasy feeling that Jessie will win HoH tonight? Note to Diary Room: So it makes perfect sense that she was nominated over other people.

Spencer tells Howard I want you to be here, and I want to work with you till the end. Welcome to Sweetie Pies Season 2 Episode