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Otros compraron Ver todo. Meanwhile, Gigi and Tracy deal with being fired. On Demand in the US. You’re Fired, Now What? Tracy and Olivia search for an assistant to help them on Gatsby to Go; an old friendship reignites, and Anthony gets upsetting news. Tracy and Olivia search for an assistant for Gatsby to Go. Showing of 14 reviews.

Gayle and Christy plan a mother—daughter event with a new party planner. Season 4, Episode 22 July 29, Old wounds are opened when they rehash their biggest blow-ups and blow-outs. Tracy may be a forward-thinking trendsetter–but there’s one modern-day trend her parents aren’t on board with, and that’s her living arrangements with her boyfriend Corey. You’re Fired, Now What? An ambitious plan to franchise the Gatsby brings Gayle a shocking offer. Born to be Jerseylicious.


Highlighting the fiercest moments of Jersey’s true Queen of Mean. When Alexa books a Glam Fairy wedding in Texas, she needs more jeresylicious to help with the bridal party.

TV by the Numbers. But Olivia soon finds out that the only thing worse than working side-by-side with Tracy is working side-by-side with your know-it-all boss. Made In Staten Seasno Season 1. Olivia preps for an on-camera gig while Gigi’s mom sets her up on a blind date. Write a customer review.

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seasoh Retrieved August 24, Cathy hires Alexa to shoot a billboard and Alexa’s engagement plan is derailed. The Complete List 5. Now that the new salon is back on schedule for its grand opening, Anthony wants to test it out by holding a Friends and Family Day. Season 4, Episode 14 May 20, When Tracy gets the chance to see Gatsby-To-Go style one of her all-time fashion icons, she hustles to win back her old job–but impressing both Olivia and Gayle isn’t easy.


Get a glimpse into how your favorite Jersey stylists were shaped into the people they are today. Please try again later. Tracy may be a forward-thinking reuniion there’s one modern-day trend her parents aren’t on board with, and that’s her living arrangements with her boyfriend Corey.

Frankie is confused about who Gigi is becoming. Meanwhile, Corey has a huge surprise awaiting Tracy which includes him getting down on one knee! So Cosmo, Season 1. Episodio 5 Surprise Stalker Olivia’s massive collection of barely worn duds is piling up, so Gigi recommends holding a fancy yard sale to promote her new beauty seazon fashion advice blog.

Gayle debates selling the Gatsby; a surprising partner joins Anthony; Gigi and Frankie confront one sesaon. Take a look at the past four seasons as we highlight Olivia, Tracy and Alexa.

Gayle conducts trials with a few stylists; Tracy and Gigi work part-time at Anthony’s salon; Olivia and Mikey head to Amish country for a weekend getaway. When the staff’s fashion sense gets out of control, Gayle enforces a strict “all black” dress code.

Gayle takes the Gatsby staff on a winery retreat. The stylists are profiled. Skip to main content Search. Gayle holds a charity auction in the salon to battle bad press; Gigi and Frankie take their relationship to a new level; Anthony searches for help with soaring building costs.

Meanwhile, Gigi and Tracy deal with being fired. It’s a look back at the most dramatic season of “Jerseylicious” yet! A fight forces Olivia to question her future at the Gatsby; the staff at Anthony Robert Salon compete to win employee of the month; Anthony takes Corey under his wing. Since the team is still lacking a member who can take charge of sesson, Gayle offers Tracy a position on a trial basis–but her main sason will be working side-by-side with Olivia.


I’m a huge fan of the show!!!

Christy is 6 weeks away from maternity leave, so jerseylicioua holds manager trials to see if anyone in the salon can handle the job. Season 4, Episode 11 April 29, Episodio 14 Gatsby 2 Go, Going, Gone? Anthony tests out the geunion salon at Friends and Family Day; Olivia forces Gigi to date again; Gayle feels pressure now that Anthony’s salon is open around the corner.

Season 4, Episode 6 March 25, Meanwhile, Alexa’s engagement gets derailed when her boyfriend refuses to follow her proposal instructions down to the tee. Season 4, Episode 12 May 6, One person found this helpful.

The cast of Jerseylicious reunites and dishes about the last year. Please update your browser and reload the page.

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And as things get heated up between the girls, the boys step in. Retrieved August 23, A party at the Gatsby embracing plus-sized full-figured women forces Doria to face her demons; an encounter between Tracy geunion Mikey at a club leads to an explosive confrontation.

Tracy and Briella bond on a weekend trip to the Poconos.

With both bosses unwilling to budge, Tracy and Olivia scramble to come up with a solution so that they can attend both events and keep their jobs–especially when a fed up Gayle hands over the gig to their own assistants! Season 4, Episode 5 March 18, Corey tries to propose to Tracy. Ex on the Beach Season 1.