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Does he have a chance at winning? Water and talks through all the news twists! Like Gervase, the game has evolved drastically since Tina last played so it will be intriguing to see how she can change her strategy to suit the game play we see today. Does he have a chance of winning? Will he do the same? I for one have a bad feeling for Gervase though.

I think people will get annoyed with her, kind of like Kat. Gervase Peterson- Gervase is back all the way from Borneo! I hope he does get the chance to stay for a bit though, because unlike some of this cast, he is likely to rock the boat strategically speaking and I am always up for that. That means they were probably the 5th blood relative. Dalton vs Jamie Power Rankings- These two are battling out to determine who will go each week on my FanFic, and one of them will walk away with the crown! Water and talks through all the news twists! The answer is the slab of man-muscle next to her:

Survivor Blood vs. Water Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!

Prkbst just before the merge, Laura M early jury. Including Monica, I love Monica and think she was very unlucky and under edited first time around. If she does, then I may have to rethink aesessment this show. As for Marissa, I can see her being an early boot. I do think he will outlast his wife. As mentioned above, Monica shares similar characteristic with Laura. I think he is a very underrated winner and I for one am glad he is back.

I am curious to find out! Alternatively, Caleb could become a goat. In my opinion, Kim and Troyzan are the only two One World castaways worth bringing back. I agree that she might not be the most interesting player but she has finished well into the Jury phase of the game each time she has played.

Leave a Reply Asdessment reply Enter your comment here I can very well see Caleb turning on Colton if need be.


Ana’s Cast Assessment of Survivor: Blood vs Water | Survivor Fan Girl!

I think his win in Panama is extremely underrated especially considering he arguably beat two players who have been unlucky to have never won the game in Cirie Fields and Terry Dietz.

As for the return of Redemption Island, Assessmrnt really have nothing positive to say. Ladies, meet our only single eye candy of the season.

I would have laughed in his face had he approached me with that. It will be interesting to see how much he has learnt watching 25 seasons since, and I anticipate he will at least make it through the first run of votes. Rupert is playing with his wife Laura Boneham. It honestly is a clusterfuck to explain, so just go read it here: What will be crucial in my opinion is the way in which the season is edited. I think she could get to the end but only after being carried their by Tyson. Will the winners be targeting first?

Ana’s Cast Assessment of Survivor: Blood vs Water

Having already failed twice before, Tyson, Candice and Tina have had their shots. Surely her husband must be the reason she is brought back again right? Part of the Galu tribe, Laura served as a wqter figure for fellow alliance members Kelly and Monica, was more than capable in challenges and found herself in a heated animosity with tribe mate Shambo, Shannon Waters.

In saying that he has watched every season since he appeared on the show so he should know a thing or two about how to play the game in this era of Survivor. I have a feeling everyone this season will be competent about the game, since their family has played in it at least once before.

I am assessmfnt the fence at the chances of her winning but I do like her. This season will be the second to go for longer than thirty-nine days, the first being The Australian Outback.


Some of these newbies jrff no more than one sentence. So much potential for drama right there if you ask me. Monica does perform well in challenges, though, and Brad most bolod will too.

Unfortunately, after her tribe lost the first challenge she was voted out in eighteenth place because she was a former winner. Mainly because I believe she got a shitty edit in One World. Then by the time they get back into the game, will they get voted off almost immediately and repeat the whole process again?

An absolute waste of a slot and the worse returning player ever. This is the longest consecutive streak of seasons to feature returning players, with three. Unfortunately, that could spell trouble for us Survivor fans since Big Brother fans scare me. Along with his wife, I think their arrogance will hurt them this season along with assessmeny massive target Rupert will have on his back. Really excited for him! Katie seems ok, I think what will be most interesting is her relationship with her mother.

But I am glad she is getting another shot at the title because frankly I believe she deserves it. I think Colton could very well be the first impressions boot. I get a Sophie Clarke vibe from her. Like I said above, he is going to have to ditch his brother in order to win because no one wants to keep around two physical threats. However, the only other returning player to return after a period of twenty seasons was Michael Skupin, Philippinesand he finished in equal second place, so that can only mean good news for Gervase!

Glad to see her cut, too bad the replacement was with Candice though….