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Fay got into the trouble and her life was ruining by drunkenness. You look like understanding with everything. Meaw said “I get it, but it doesn’t mean you just pressed it down. In the end, Fay said “She used to have a very happy love, but now it’s collapse. They get more close and more feeling. A cup of coffee was pouring at her shirt, that why she has got Mameaw’s smile.

She doesn’t notice that it’s will forever change her dead inside. Newer Post Older Post Home. She hide her painfulness with work, who knows, it will lead her to met a special one of her life. Fay and Kao Supassara a. Pae Jai is the first chapter of the love song love stories series, it’s related with the love romantic triangle between three girls. Love always be love, nothing gonna be change the love even though you’re falling in love with girls or boys.

Meaw told her to stop crying and switch off the past. Actually, Jeab are older than Kao as 5 years, that’s so interesting. Lalqna turn back to smile at Fay and then the stuff on Fay’s hand was spilled. I like the atmosphere and setting place, it’s smooth and real fellow with the theme of story.

Fay get wet all of her body, she smiles at Mameaw though. If you want to watch this series, here is the link https: First, they have lot of things to do or they didn’t have dramq for themselves.


[Thai & Engsub] Pluakkuenbaan Doctor Jeab Lalana [4/4] – video dailymotion

She get hurt so badly and she has been keeping busy with photography work. If i love someone, it’s a person.

I don’t want to guess or get high hope with these, i just keep my eyes on it. Suddenly, Fay forgot to turn off the telephone and it’s ringing.

Kongtoranin Lalana

This sentence lead them to stir the eye of each other. Meaw saw Fay beside the crama, Fay started talking Meaw that she want to know more about the horse, the activity and Meaw.

Which one is your? I really like this Chapter. Fay got frustrated with the deal, and she was expelled by Mameaw’s leaving. She has free loves, it’s not depends on the gender but it’s depends on her emotional deprivation. Meaw calm her and brought some water to her, then they’re talking about their feeling.

They’re talking about the feeling when they’re falling in love with someone and its how heartbeat sound likes.

She doesn’t notice that it’s will forever change her dead inside. I still hurt even thought how long its pass”.

Her friends are worrying about her and they got downhearted with her sorrow. Omggg finally I understand! Fay has concentrated with work until it’s finished.


Meaw let Fay take photos around the field while she have to do the therapy with the boy. Love song love stories Ch.

[Thai & Engsub] Pluakkuenbaan Doctor Jeab Lalana [4/4]

Yes indeed I enjoyed all of them but the story was too short tho. Mameaw make a deal with Fay to spend more times with her, because lxlana want Fay to get to know more about herself and her job. Sunday, December lakana, Series Review: And then they change topic into the tea. Everyone can share or talk with me about the whole series that i reviewed. Are you really ready for learning everything?

Mustiko Rini November 9, at 9: Meaw said “I get it, but it doesn’t mean you just pressed it down. Fay ran into the field for checking and helping the boy, Fay and Meaw brought the boy to get first aid. Darma when we’re sad, horse will try to comfort us.

Think about that it hurts you or you hurts yourself. She saw Mon was cuddling by an another one boyfriend.