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Pin It on Pinterest. But soon she was unsettled by the fact that this faceless officer already knew so much about her. This is the one book that I rated 4 or maybe even 5 stars but as time passed, I looked back and always thought this was over-rated. Reading about Turkey was fun. DJ dialogue i love is mera name khadija rana hy meri friends mjhy DJ kahti hain lkn tum srf mjhy khadija kaho ge. Haya suleman bharay gul tum sy bht pyar krti hy. Jul 18, Momna rated it it was amazing.

I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing character that broke my heart and who reminded me of a real life friend that I was separated from. This book also has the most typical villain called Waleed who tries to force himself on the beautiful heroine before she is saved by the hero because this is what every villain does. Jul 15, Muhammad Zain Shabbir rated it it was amazing. I did not anticipate the twists at all.. This novel might be a masterpiece for our typical girls because the only thing they do is fantasize their love story, wedding and a typical extra smart and handsome husband like Jehan. Dophar ma kabootron ko b khanay ka pochny ma harj tu nae hy. In the start the book was very good, a good mystery but then it took a filmy turn which is Nimra Ahmed’s forte, so i was like rolling my eyes throughout that part and i was telling and laughing over it with my bro.

Every Villain is supposed to be a rapist.

February 26, July 28, I mean what was the author aiming at? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I just can’t bring myself to treat nikah between children of less than a year and an 8-year-old as valid and legal. Of course he got better and realised Haya was not the cheating material and was rather loyal, but doesn’t mean I like him for messing up with her. How to ZOOM in preview onlin

Namal By Nimra Ahmed – Episode 27

And in the story just like all the similar places reminded Haya of DJ i can easily relate this to me and when i also went to similar places all the memories run infornt of my eyes just like a flash. With this book, Nimra has set a epiode standard for her own self even. The 2nd Time jahnat, when I was well aware of the little “Secrets” of Mr.

The ending was perfect. Me kai martaba coment kr chuka hun Haalim ke page pr bhi or Jasosi digest ke page pr kya wajeh h Nov ke baad se koi upload nhi h na hi apki taraf se koi clarifications, waseem saheb koi wajeh to batayen?


Also, is onlkne between children even legal anywhere in the world? However, the novel becomes too preachy at one point and it felt rather sexist to continue a page narrative on that age old good girl vs. Was she trying to turn her story into some sort of magic realism or fantasy?

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے by Nemrah Ahmed

Thi I like Nimra ahmed’s effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs! Reae always write out of the circle of typical urdu literature and that is what I like about you.

Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel. Haalim Episode 01 May 5, Not something I’d recommend to anyone. Pin It on Pinterest. LaPata By Nimra Ahmed It has its flaws but I love the message it conveys and the way it reaches your heart and soul. And the most odd thing was, ek esi video onlime itnaaa vabaal, jo ghar k function ki hai, function mei sab family mojood thy sab k samny they both performed then family ku galat perceive karti?

So his personality is similar to the one with whom i want to be or whom i wished for. epksode

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my onlline immedi Jannat ky patay idk from where to start but this novel is beyond my expectations.

I wish i ll get someone from the army for my future life. There is no doubt that your writing style is inspired by modern English literature but I have no problem with that in fact this is what I love most about your books I don’t know how Haya could be so blindly in love to let that go. The story was all over the place and was not realistic a bit!!

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But somehow recurrence of this theme is destroying our literature. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Return to Book Jannta. I loved the character of DJ and Sabeen. Open Preview See a Problem?

Mera name haya suleman hy meri friends mjhy haya kahti hain lkn tum mjhy srf miss suleman kaho ge Apr 28, Amna rated it did not like it Shelves: Romance, friendship,mystery, adventure, crime, cousins drama, patriotism, religion, and norms of our society.


An amazing and remarkably well-written book. The novel is well-written, the plot has been sketched out beautifully though it became a bit convoluted at one point for me to follow smoothly. She still has room to grow but she has put out some amazing pieces. Be prepared for an episode of emotional turmoil that will definitely put you in a bucket of tears,but i assure you that you will never regret it.

It becomes a master piece and found its place on the top of your book rack till you janat something more amazing than before and in this way the circle goes on.

They like the amalgam of romanticism and Islam. Ayeshay Gul was a really pathetic character. Taimur, Baharay Gul; – An out of this world sareela khandaan even by desi standards!

But I understand the target readers were teenage girls and girls in their twenties who are usually indulged in their pathetic fantasies. D Here it goes: This was my 5th urdu novel and I have got to say, it makes my “favourite novels” list and that’s saying something.

This book actually played a great role in the life of a friend of mine and she recommended this to me.

Tum student ho ge us university and ma tmhara teacher aur tum sab sy zayada dant khanay wali student ho ge. I read this book before I was on goodreads so didn’t have a chance onlind write a review but as this novel is my most favorite of urdu literature so I guess I should express my love for it The life of LLB Hons student Haya Suleman took an interesting turn when she received scholarship to study a five-month semester at a university in Turkey, but the circumstances became grave jsnnat someone leaked a private video of her made at a party on the internet.

Thanks for appreciation MeeJazz Frincy i m gald i did i have never written such a long review before i loved Jihaan as it is quite similar to me in na Thanks for appreciation MeeJazz Frincy i m gald i did i have never written such a long review before i loved Jihaan episoode it is quite similar to me in nature.