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A while B by the time C until D after 4 I’d give him a ring before you go he goes out. Visitors are allowed to use the car park. You should go home early. After afraid, hope and suppose, we use not instead of so when the short answer is negative: Did you bring anything to drink? There are two longer recorded texts and two series of short extracts with a total of 30 questions.

Luckily, we 10 to find the ship’s log which helped us a great deal in our 1 1. I think our son got his intelligence from me, don’t you? MS I wish, if only wishes about the present We use wish with Past Tense forms Simple and Continuous to express regret about present situations see also 5d: There arc five tasks with a total of 65 questions focusing or grammar and vocabulary see pages Complete the spaces in the table. The Agenda at the beginning of each Unit will show you the contents of each Section and you can use the Entry test to identify which Sections you need.

You should have eaten less. I’m staying with a friend at the moment She’s working very hard nowadays.

She ought to apologise. Vll be here till five o’clock.

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If an event takes place, it happens after a plan of some sort: Vnited will win on Saturday’ ‘Will they? All I know is I’m a Scorpio! I assume that anybody using this book has a reasonable knowledge of and ability to use English up to pre-intermediate level More advanced students should refer to Grammar and Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency by Richard Side and Guy Wellman Longman. The three spacemen have g 5 a bit older and, although their attitude to life h 6 changed over the years, they have r 7 friends.


She’s able to epksode the piano whenever she wants to.

Full text of “Grammar And Vocabulary For First Certificate”

Later, I realised shed moved to a new address. Ill water the plants. The Oscar award was in of her great acting ability I can say without that she’s the best student Tve ever had. The first letter of each word is given. It is important to preserve the rainforests. We could have done more to help him.

A had B was having C have had D have Now look at on page Where did she send the letter from? We’re fully booked but sometimes there are last-minute. The examination is frequently used as proof that you will be competent to begin a career such as those related to tourism or banking, or that you can pursue an advanced course of study in English.

Part 2 Questions tests grammar, vocabulary and spelling.

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You couldn’t give me a hand with this box, could you? A cooker B cuisine C cookery Episods cook 24 To do professionally requires a lot of skill.


A mam3i lor Europe Although recently there has been a small X? She often took the bus. Mixed Conditionals Sometimes we make sentences which mix Secon and Third Conditionals, especially when a past event has an effect in the present: This time next week, she’ll be flying to New York.

Use only one word in each space.

Wrtethis unwanted word on the right. It consists of a paired conversation with another candidate, and the participation of an interlocutor and an assessor who remains silent.

Hell have gone by famlly time you get here. I like looking at clouds. Toffler’s books make the stunning prediction that what is really going to change in years to come is the speed at which change itself takes place. Thus, there is a thorough review of tenses together with verb, noun and adjective structures.

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