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Recommendation Corner Here’s a brief look at 12 anime like Toradora! Japanese Drama And Movies. Gintaro 6 episodes, Throw in some quirky friends and a meddlesome mother, and Kotoko might not even have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the older Irie boy’s heart. Darkmoq All reviews people found this review helpful. Kamogari Keita 7 episodes, Takahiro Iida ZweiTheBadAss All reviews people found this review helpful.

Ranked Popularity Members , Irie Yuuki 4 episodes, Honoka Miki Yuki Furukawa. Kato 2 episodes, Makoto Imasato Funatsu Seiichi 5 episodes, Kisuke Iida Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. As it is being rebuilt, her dad gets a phone call from his longtime friend and is invited to stay with them. Irie Yuuki 25 episodes,

She is crushed to see her letter was not even looked at and decides to give up on the jerk who rejected her without even reading itakis.

Sagawa Konomi 4 episodes, Narasaki Jyunpei 2 episodes, Arata Saeki Kato 2 episodes, Makoto Imasato Hosoi Sayuri 4 episodes, Odawara 11 episodes, Mirai Suzuki Irie Rika 1 episode, Takayuki Imanara Funatsu Seiichi 5 episodes, Kisuke Iida Edit Related Anime Adaptation:.


Kanamori 5 episodes, Ranked Popularity MembersMatsumoto Yuuko 13 episodes, Love in Tokyo Mischievous Kiss 2: Yoshida Kakuzo 1 episode, Lyan Cheng Anime Similar to Itazura na Kiss? Narasaki Jyunpei 2 episodes, Shiina Nami 1 episode, Nobuyuki Ishida Shiina Akemi 1 episode, Narumi Akizuki In early Octoberit was announced on the official website of Mischievous Kiss: The second season began airing on November 24, Daijamori 2 episodes, Kamogari Keita 7 episodes, One Week Ktakiss Lov Japan Itazura na Kiss Mischievous Kiss: Takamiya Ryo 2 episodes, Yuka Masuda Japanese drama television series Itazura na Kiss Japanese television series debuts Japanese television itakisss endings Fuji Television dramas.

Retrieved from ” https: Nomaguchi 1 episode, Kana Tsubouchi Odawara 11 episodes, Irie Noriko 31 cst, Nishigaki 3 episodes, Ayumi Orii Omura 2 episodes, Matsumoto Ayako 4 episodes, Although he shows a cold attitude, she realizes she can’t help but love him. What will happen when fate takes over, and Kotoko’s chance of winning Naoki’s heart falls in her hands?


List of Itazura na Kiss episodes. Hiramatsu 1 episode, Aoba Kawai Kotoko Aihara Honoka Miki isn’t very intelligent and lacks ability in school.