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Please visit us frequently to watch your favorite latest videos. The elephant population in the mountains was extirpated. Characteristics A herd of elephants in Yala National Park Elephant calf in Udawalawe National Park Elephants bathing In general, Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants and have the highest body point on the head. In the early 20th century, mega reservoirs were constructed in the dry zone for irrigated agriculture. As a result and effective immediately, Sanath Jayasuriya cannot take part in Isuru Sangraamaya 86 – Isuru Sangraamaya 77 –

Isuru Sangraamaya 92 – Isuru Sangraamaya 78 – During drought seasons many elephants damage agricultural land for food. Isuru Sangraamaya 90 – Lakai Sikai – Krushi Upadeshaka Isuru Sangramaya episode 1 Janai Priyai – Juice A place to watch and share Sri Lankan videos A place to watch and share Sri Lankan videos with all over the people arround the world Since then many new television networks have come in to existence within Sri Lanka.

Isuru Sangramaya episode 4 Isuru Sangramaya episode 12 Other nearby building to the halls believed to be demolished during the British rule.

The carvings of the wooden pillars which support the wooden roof are an example of wood carving of the Kandyan period. Siril Aiya – The Call TikTok Sri Lanka Bukiye fun They landed in the island in Lankapattana during the reign of Sirimeghavanna of Anuradhapura and handed over the tooth relic.

During the colonial period from tothe wet zone was converted to commercially isiru fields and became heavily settled. As a result, elephant habitat in the dry zone was severely fragmented.

Isuru Sangramaya episode 27 The golden canopy isuruu in over the main shrine and the golden fence which encircles the main shrine are other notable features.

Isuru Sangraamaya 87 – If you feel any of your copyrighted material is seen in this web site, you may comment it and that will be removed. The doors of the Weda Hitana Maligawa are carved in ivory. Lakai Sikai – Chamara Holes in this wall are build to light coconut oil lamps.


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Powered and Developed by appuwa. There are also a number of Satellite networks and pay per view television networks in Sri Lanka. Vimaladharmasuriya I of Kandy undertook various decorations to the palace. Their back is convex or level.

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Food resources are abundant in regenerating forests, but at low density in mature forests. Today there are number of free television networks in Sri Lanka including Satellite networks sangranaya pay per view. Prev 1 2 3 Next. One of the army majors is credited with having shot over 1, elephants, and two others are reputed to have shot half that number each.

To the maximum permitted by law, LakFreedom Media excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it. This Site includes links to other websites. The episodde storeys of main shrine are known as “Palle malaya” lower floor and “Udu malaya” upper floor or “Weda hitina maligawa”. Isuru Sangraamaya 90 – They occurred in the dry zone, in the lowland wet zone as well as in the cold damp montane forests.

The actual chamber which the tooth relic is kept is known as the “Handun kunama”.

We hereby declare that we do not host any videos on our site and our site contains automatically generated and managed links or pointers to videos hosted by above mentioned public video hosting sites. Sanath Jayasuriya banned from all cricket related activities for 2 years Posted on Tuesday February 26, Heavy traffic has been caused on the road in the surroundings of Maradana Technical College due to a protest staged by HND students.

Isuru Sangraamaya 73 – Isuru Sangraamaya 84 – Isuru Sangraamaya 72 – During drought seasons many elephants damage agricultural land for food.


Read More Pakistan vows to respond at the time and place of its choosing Posted on Tuesday February 26, Pakistan condemned the Indian air strike and said it isuur respond at the time and place of its choosing. Once a user of our site clicks on a link, the user’s device establishes a direct connection with the video hosting server bypassing our site.

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The tooth relic is encased in isury golden caskets which engraved with precious gemstones. The protest has been staged on several issues including the increase in Mahapola monthly stipend up to 5 thousand rupees Web Design and Web Development by Rksk. Famous Kandyan architect Devandra Mulacharin is credited with building the Patthirippuwa. Isuru Sangraamaya 78 – Lakai Sikai – Krushi Upadeshaka LakFreedom Media has attempted to make the information on this Site as accurate as possible and is provided in good faith without any express or implied warranty.

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Isuru Sangramaya episode 11 Former range In the historical past, elephants were widely asngramaya from sea level to the highest mountain ranges. The presence of cultivated plants in dung does not result solely due to raiding of crops as it was observed that elephants feed on leftover crop plants in fallow chenas. Isuru Sangraamaya 82 – Mahawahalkada was totally destroyed in a bomb blast and rebuilt afterwards along with sandakada pahana other stone carvings.

Apart from Wilpattu and Ruhuna National Parks, eangramaya other protected areas are less than 1, km2 sq mi in extent.