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She says, may be something wrong would have happened to her. Both the sisters get emotionaland they share a sisterly moment. Shayam is litening to all this get frustrated and tells Anjali to settledown and in hurry he collides with her and as she was holding oil thatget spill on her saree and Shayam tells her its okay it didnt gotspilled on the floor and nani tells her to change but he stops her onthe name of moohrat But nani and panditji says they have time and theyreally need to take precautions. Aditi takes Shlok’s phone and sends a message to Astha. Anjali says thatshe is fine but she is worried about his marriage and does he thoughtabt the marriage and she says that what if she will be not more insuture and Arnav gets possessive and says nothing will happen to her andArnav gets emotional on this. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video Ipkknd 5th july episode written update. Hey Devi Maiyaa, what have I done , Khushi laments with a hand clamped over her mouth, as if she can take it back.

July 27, at 3: There ANjali says that if Khushi wants some competition for thedecoration also and Arnav taunts her that she should be habitual forlosing the bet and Anjali tells him to stop and Anjali asks her for thecompliment and she says that it is looking awesome as there is light andDiya and between then Jiji and Jiju’s name. Coconut my foot she is primary school student. Hume to lagta hai … ki aap bhi theek nahi hai. He narrows his eyes at Khushi, and she clamps a hand over her mouth to stifle herself. Speechless, confused, and overwhelmed, Khushi flees his bedroom as he stares after her.

She thinks that she may find some clue about Aditi in the house. I am coming there, you too come there.

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Your cheeks are red. Arnav is callingsomeone and its Khushi phone who has left the phone at havan place onlyand Anjali takes the phone and tells him that she has forgotten thephone and Arnav gets more tensed and he is real time worried and makesthe excuse that he dont want delay in the havan and he says that he willgo and will look for Khushi and he leaves from there.

He tries tocheer her up. Says the woman who slaps Khushi naam for her relationship with Arnav. IMDb Season 1, Episode They stare at each other in silence.


She comes back shouting “Astha is not there in the room Maybe they lost some footage and had to make do with what they had. Khushi pulls Payal’s leg one last time and goes. Astha tries to open the door but she can’t as the door is locked. Shlok and Astha comes to the house where Astha saw Aditi.

Astha comes back to the house and gets upset. Too bad it belongs to Filthy!

There Arnav strts running behind the van but he is not able to match thespeed and he is real time worried. Shlok and Varad leaves the house in search of Astha. Ipkknd episode starplayer: Everyone in the house gets worried. Seriously this guy really needs to have some courage. Nani says that upate thinks that Khushi should come to there houseonly and ANjali says that Arnav is here than they should asks his opinionand he asks on which topic and they say about marriage and Arnav shyly Imean Khushi and him.

Ies Khushi runs towards the door and tries to control is breaths andwhen she is about to opne the door to go Arnav comes there and stops hergoing anywhere by stopping her way with his arms updste asks her what shedid now and she says that she was just completing her bet and she donthave enough courage to match her eyes and he asks her if this was forbet and she says that if he forgot the bet and he asks really she didthis for bet and she says yes and she didnt lost the bet.

Khushi flees to call a rickshaw, Arnav continues down the stairs to the living room poolside, and Anjali smiles, realising that something has finally happened between these two lovestruck fools. Everyone leaves and Arnav is jealous to seeKhushi and NK together.

What the hell why are u guys making him so jealous my poor arnie I loveyou thats why I never make you jealous. Awww that was such cute sceneThere ASR in his room and Anjali comes there and Arnav tells her thatdont ask him of something is wrong??

July 29, at 8: The dori eritten nothing, I know. Khushi is sent to Shantivan with a set of clothes for Aakash which the family forgot to deliver the night before.

Arnav returns to the house and sits with them in the living room, watching carefully as NK helps Khushi with selecting bangles. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video Ipkknd 5th july episode written update.


Arnav tells Khushi that losers often speak like that, but their argument is interrupted by Anjali kyw all three of them to the poolside. Chumme ke naam par thappad de diya par aisa thappadtoh main roz-roz le loon I wished it would have happened in reality.

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There Payal is packing her clothes and Khushi is helping her and Khushinrings her clothes and garima scolds her and tells her that bua saysright that her sanak is increasing day by day and Payal says that she isnot bothered about her anymore and hushi says that she will not thinkabout other things.

When Khushi arrives, Nani quietly takes her aside and tells her that the dori of her kurta is untied. Khushi manages to regain her breath despite his proximity to tell him that she was completing the terms of the bet.

Anjali asksShayam why he is upset and he says he wanted her tp be there and shesays that she wanted them to get blessings. He smirks evilly and says that Anjaliwill burn to death during the havan and he will become a widowersearching for happiness.

Arnav and Khushi shares the tense eyes. Astha sees the message which was sent by Aditi using Shlok’s phone and gets happy, She thinks, atleast Shlok now realised.

Arnav steps forward again, slowly, and gently places a hand next to her head on the door. THat NK comesthere and supports her.

There nani and Anjali are walking at the poolside and Anjali tells herto talk aloud so that Arnav is able to listen it. She asks Shlok to break the lock.

Anjali is happy tosee him worried. Nani tells him that women are much better at picking up on these things than men, angering him. The background is of the entryway into Shantivan. I have not hated any character that much in my life.