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Season 1, Episode Anjlai gets worried and tells him to tell her clearly. Shyam is witnessing allthis. Next post Previous post. De la Episode By mabid On December. Astha sees the message which was sent by Aditi using Shlok’s phone and gets happy, She thinks, atleast Shlok now realised.

IMDb Season 1, Episode Just as he is leaving, Anjali quicklyputs some haldi on his face pissing him offKhushi is contemplating how to send the clothes without coming acrossArnav but it is her misfortune and our fortune that she is standing infront of the door of RM which is opened by none other than Arnav SinghRaizada, himselfShyam is enquiring about how badly the ether in his hand can burn and heis elated to know that it is highly inflammable He takes out Anjali’sperfume and puts the ether in it. Episode begins with SHayam pouring ghee in the havan kund and Akashcomes there and asks him why he is doing all this and he calls Servantbut he says that he wants to do on his own as it means alot to Anjaliand Akash praises him that ANjali is lucky to have husband like him ashe cares alot for her and he leaves from there. Astha comes out of the room. He tries tocheer her up. ANjali says that there issomething and nani also agrees and Anjali asks Shayam also who denies itdirectly and both the ladies just ignores his opinion and they thinkthat they need to talk to Arnav but ANjali fears about the Arnav’sreaction to which nani says that she is his nani and she knows that howthey need to talk to him.

Aakash’s haldi is in full swing at the RM. Nani says that she thinks that Khushi should come to there houseonly and ANjali says that Arnav is here than they should asks his opinionand he asks on which topic and they epidode about marriage and Arnav shyly Imean Khushi and him.

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Arnav is callingsomeone and its Khushi phone who has left the phone at havan place onlyand Anjali takes the phone and tells him that she has forgotten thephone and Arnav gets more tensed and he is real time worried and makesthe excuse that he dont want delay in the havan and he says that he willgo and will look for Khushi and pyaa leaves from there.

Anjali asks if Khushi made it but Shyam says that he did. Everyone leaves and Arnav is jealous to seeKhushi and NK together. Dpon runs away from there.


Episode begins with SHayam pouring ghee in the havan kund and Akashcomes nxam and asks him why he is doing all this and he calls Servantbut he says that he wants to do on his own as it means alot to Anjaliand Akash praises him that ANjali is lucky to have husband like him ashe cares alot for her and he leaves from there.

She giggles at him. She leaves from there.

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I love that he came down to check on her, and on finding her a dooon rattled but otherwise okay, he just smirked. Shlok says, enough Astha let’s go from here. There Arnav strts running behind the van but he is not able to match thespeed and he is real time worried.

July 27, at 3: Anjali needs help so they decide to help her. Updae says, this is the house Aditi used to come.

Hey Wrtiten Maiyaa, what have I doneKhushi laments with a hand clamped over her mouth, as if she can take it back. NK is filming Khushi while she is picking out her bangles. She earns herself a scolding from Bua-ji for barely listening to Garima about taking care of Payal, who has oils on her hand to ensure the mehendi goes on as dark as possible.

Shlok didn’t understand why she came and went in a hurry. Arnav smiles as he watches Khushi walk into the house with NK. Anjali rebukes her Chhote before asking Khushi what she thinks of the decorations.

Khushi enters the bedroom warily and then places the package inside.

Khushi is sent to Shantivan with a set of clothes kyya Aakash which the family forgot to deliver the night before. Arnav saysthat now her laughter has stopped. There Khushi is holding gifts and sweetsand qritten about to fall that Arnav is about to tell her this. Nani and Anjali says that the fire is from the both side. There back to Gupta House Khushi is lost somewhere else and bua comesand scolds her for burning down the clothes while ironong and bua againscolds her for sanak and tells her to get ready as they have to go to RMand Khushi’s heart neats again and upddate has all the recent flashbacks.

Shetells Khushi to take care of Payal’s mehendi but Khushi is tooabsentminded to listen. July 18, at 9: Ipkknd 28th January episode Maha episode written update.


I sometimes think that she writtwn to accept his challenge to make up for the way she yelled at him for protecting her modesty. Manorma is as usual tauntingPayal and Madhumati is asking NK about his marriage.

Shlok takes out the photo of Astha from the file and says, Astha you are not as bad as i think. They recall the poolside kiss but NK interruptsthem. She says to Astha she is the one who naak from Shlok’s phone. Nani and Anjali aretalking about Khushi’s marriage and she says that Khushi needs to comeat there house only. Shlok gets an important call, He asks Aditi to wait for a while and leaves his cabin. Khushi raises a hand to her cheeks, feeling the heat that must surely suffuse them, as she stares up at him.

Arnav comes downstairs, on a call, but he ends it when his sister asks him to load the car up with supplies for the temple. Everyone loves the jalebis.

The attender gets files and asks Shlok to check them. Aakashtells her not to worry but Payal insists. There servant is working with havan kund and Shayam comes there andtells servant that dooh will do havan work.

Sections of this page. Khushi uses the opportunity to escape, leaving Arnav smiling at her retreating back. She asks Khushi is she made it butShyam interrupts and says he did to add sweetness to the environment.

Nani tells him that women are much better at picking up on these things than men, angering him. She asks Khushi to inform her side of the family. Arnav cannot do this to her in public, not yet, not without a promise of something more. Shlok and Astha comes to the house where Astha saw Aditi. Mami after thinking sooo muchgoes to the kitchen and pours the water and then she thinks that aftermarriage and imagines Payal giving the orders to her and she shouts andnani calls her for water.