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The Japan Foundation, Sydney – Library. The troupe begin their first performance inside the theater, revealing that the Moon Tear Sword was forged to seal the Head of the Conqueror. Luckily, Kanna arrives to save them, but he is unable to pull the trigger on Enomoto. When the troupe come to give an outstanding performance at the Ushioza, Kakunojo is surprised to learn that Kotoha received an anonymous tip for the venue despite her generous invite. Later, a dangerous enemy is born. Akizuki is nursed back to health by a young woman and her son.

Illich Guardiola as Ibaragi Sotetsu. The Series Brigadoon: During the crossfire, Kuroda remembers when Saigo told him to transport Yojiro to Ezo unharmed. Sotetsu dies after saying that Yojiro is as strong-willed as Ryoma. E25 Goryokaku Emerges With Akizuki closing in on Enomoto, he uses the fearsome power of the Head of the Conqueror to defend his castle. At a cemetery, Shiranui and Kotoha give a letter to Okoma to deliver to Katsu.

Atsushi Okuda 4 episodes eps 2, 13, 20, When Yojiro finally pins down Kanna, smoke begins to arise, prompting Yojiro to leave. Brett Weaver as Kai Epissode.

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When Kanna shoots his gun at Enomoto, the bullet ricochets to epiwode wall. Tomomichi Nishimura as Harry Smith Parkes. E18 Pathetic Destiny The English knights launch a second attack, but it ends in disaster when Rook is killed.


An ominous star lurking in the sky while two horsemen deliver an urgent message to the emperor.

Separate intrjgue tags with a comma. However, when a new script from Soutetsu arrives, it emerges that Juubei may not be dead, as was thought.

Intrigue in the Bakumatsu. Koji Hamaoka assistant; ep 10 onwards Takako Suzuki Color setting: Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? Larry Englieh Production Assistant: E22 An Encounter in the North Akizuki finally manages to catch up with Enomoto and the conquerors head but once again Kakunojou gets in the way.

Akehide Miya ep 2 Chisato Nakata 11 episodes epsenglsh, However, Sotetsu summons the Head of the Conqueror to be his new vessel. Hijikata finally starts to realize that Soutetsu is up to something behind everyone’s back.

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A sudden earthquake caused this letter to be undelivered, thus a stalemate to an era. She becomes drawn to a second Moon Tear Sword left at the altar and grasps it, causing light to emit from Yojiro’s sword. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Ballad of Stone Crane Mansion. Home This editionEnglish, Video, Captioned edition: Soutetsu also continues to make his plans.


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Meanwhile, the four Englishmen launch an attack against Enomoto’s ship. As the ghost warriors return, Kanna protects Kakunojo when she also arrives.

Intrigue in the Bakumatsu — Irohanihoheto. Yojiro irohanhoheto to join the play as the Eternal Assassin, since he is after the Head of the Conqueror. A I ep 11 AD Cosmo 5 episodes eps 2, 13, 18, 21, Hitoshi Bifu as Knight eps Daisuke Namikawa as Yojiro Akizuki. Kurota, Kaen and Geasai suddenly appear, causing the crowd quickly leave.

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Akizuki is nursed back to health by a young woman and her son. Ebisu chains Jubei to a baku,atsu, and both are bombed as a result.

E19 Bright Inverted Pentagram Kakunojou is in a state of shock regarding her actions onboard bakumatsj ship, but her spirits are lifted when she is reunited with the troupe. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat