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These assumptions drive decisions. Trials test our confidence in God. We live with an internal conflict between our values what we know is right and our desire for immediate fulfillment. And in some way, we have all looked to God and asked him to help us paint that picture. In the fifth and final week of Time of Your Life , Andy walks us through Solomon’s profound, life-changing words. And he has told us to call him. You become less careful.

And that one thing, might just be the uncommon denominator to finding the way out. In this message, Andy Stanley explains the influence we may not even know we have. Please go to http: It can cause us to miss opportunities, lose business, or stand out in the crowd when we’d rather fit in. So what if it was one of the most boring games in the history of football. That’s because they know that their present becomes their past that shapes their future.

Some of us are owned by our past regrets. Jesus rose from the dead. It’s the most needed yet most resisted area of all.

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i They won’t admit they’re rich. But they never really go away. What does it look like to live without sin as master over our mouths, our eyes, our minds, our insecurities, our appetites?

In this message, Andy tells us what to look for when it feels like God forgot to show up. When our wants assume an unhealthy place in our lives and in our hearts, it’s called coveting. In this message, Justin Elam uncovers a principle from the life of King David that worked under the direst of circumstances.

In this message, Andy Stanley urges us to bridge the gap between the information we hear on Sunday morning and the application that will make all the difference in our lives. Great marriages are built on humility. Explore new job opportunities or stay put? Love being able to watch AndyStanley online in Tuscaloosa!


You’ll feel a nudge to start, stop, get out of, or maybe go. This question used to spur our dreams.

We all want to belong. We’ll explore the lessons we can all learn when it comes to waving a white flag.

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In this message, Andy explains how to get back in the game and discover God’s will for your life. But the rational side would certainly argue that the Christmas story is, in fact, a myth. How do we get to the point of completely trusting God with every facet of our lives? To love people, to step out and do something, draws us closer to God, morphing us into the very likeness of Jesus and his message of compassion.

We live with an internal conflict between our values what we know is right and our desire for immediate fulfillment. We always ended up going back. Is it even possible for two people to be happy together forever? Maybe not with a backpack and angry feet against the pavement, but with our hearts, moving in a direction other than the one God has called us to.

How do we avoid the pitfalls of wealth? Let’s face it; we all have an uncle or a cousin we whisper about behind closed doors. Not sure how to get where you want to go? Someone who knows you well does. For many, however, it is an unsatisfying achievement. These two men’s actions allowed first century Christians, and eventually us today, to be confident in Christ’s resurrection. And it’s easy to turn the routine of church-going into a misguided belief that our attendance is what matters to God.


Whether you agree with them or not, the bigger lesson is the need to be intentional about setting up guardrails. The game of life drives us to measure everything. Throughout our lives, we are confronted with decisions we never anticipated having to make. But is it still true?

In this message, Andy and Sandra Stanley tell you everything they know about parenting. And we have spent our lives thinking about, working towards and praying for these dreams.

When it comes to our lives, the Bible gives us many applications to live by, but the change happens as we apply them. You are not alone. But where do we start?

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It all begins with prayer. The lack of margin increases our stress and shortens our tempers. In the fifth and final week of Time of Your LifeAndy buckheaad us through Solomon’s profound, life-changing words. Words to live by. Fortunately, the gentleman who described the problem provided the answer. Sometimes, despite our most fervent prayers, God doesn’t show meanfime the way we want him to. Is praying ever a struggle? Is he smarter, funnier, richer?

To wrap up this series, Andy tackles a major obstacle for many people as they consider accepting the message of Jesus and placing their faith in God. The answer just might surprise you. But with the birth of Christianity, all of that changed.