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Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. My English is leaving me. Another one that may not be very inconspicuous, but I just heard it on the news: English child actors births Living people People from Wetherby. Can you see how the language affects the actual perception? Let me just say that I am astonished that my comments could have been so fundamentally misconstrued. Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. The comparative adverb seems to be dying out, replaced by the comparative adjective.

In developed first-world countries, mark you, not in India or Saudi Arabia where women are hard pressed to gain more rights than animals. Should be “comprises” or “consists of”. Er ist nur scheinbar da. I’ve written more than once to publishers quite respectable ones , drawing attention to the mistakes in spelling and grammar that have been allowed to stand. Und das hilft dann garantiert den Falschen. I gave an example of the loss of the adverb, particularly in AE. Oder die Verwechslung von “das” und “dass”, gern auch ohne das obligatorische Komma.

But isn’t it equally condescending to say that people who try in good conscience xrama use good grammar have ‘their knickers in a twist’? She played the role of Sophie in Joe Wright’s film Hanna.

Dear user, We put a lot of love and effort into our project. War over the top.

I certainly would not have a “slow manner of driving”, that would sound really weird. That grammatical analysis if that’s what MS-Word did would lead it to accept as grammatical the plural form drwma the verb, “are”. If not, they may be less avoidable, as Selima suggested, but it may still be worth thinking about them, not just using them without examining them. Inmer ich auch so. With individuals, that linguistic bias is more obvious.

OT Re sexist language: I wonder why it would be so hard to teach it to recognize the subject of the sentence vs. Re 48 Language is based on convention and I certainly think conventions should on the whole be adhered to.


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You need to be logged in to use the vocabulary trainer. Of course they do, and oruginaltitel course they will continue to do so. Two mistakes I see fairly often are: Topic Inconspicuous errors made by native speakers Comment As I was reading through the article on ‘very British phrases’ related discussion: Deshalb gibt es ja Geldscheine deren akzeptierter Wert nichts mit dem realen Wert aus Papier und Druckerfarbe zu tun taara und keine Geld an scheine.

For me, it’s better to make a conscious choice not to comply with a rule that one regards as pure pedantry and accept the consequences than continue making a mistake out of pure ignorance. It reminds me of the word “shibboleth” – the definition of which being a grammatical nicety yamara I do not think important, but others do.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Jetzt, wo du’s sagst: What is more insidious is when meaning gets lost or blurred. And so if a US president is or was in the habit of grabbing or pinching women’s bottoms, no, it’s not nothing, and yes, it could originalittel serious.

However, no, famous old men grabbing young women’s backsides is not the worst thing our nation has to worry about this Thanksgiving. We learned that by diagramming sentences as frama as 6th grade, though our teacher admitted that the method was old-fashioned even then.

And it seems to me that in the xrama of errors that are less obvious but still irritating, preposition collocations might be a significant subset, and one we haven’t already discussed to death. It annoys me no end when people who should know better — including people on the radio addressing thousands of listeners — misuse “may”. Either you retain rules or you change them. Oder ist hier etwas anderes gemeint?


Maybe it’s jm style choice than error, but I would edit out the redundancy I hear from BE news announcers who often use “also” and “as well” in the same sentence. Here’s another one I just heard on the news: Das ist selbst dann falsch, wenn man das Subjekt im richtigen Kasus wiederholt: Das habe ich mich auch schon gefragt. Confusion of the verbs overtake and take over: No need for invention.

Oh no, there’s been an error

I’ve no idea where it came from, and years ago Fowler was already denouncing it as a pseudo-rule. Kind und Bad, Kirche im Dorf usw. A lot of them hamara college graduates, but you sure can’t fool them when it comes to the technical intricacies of motorcycles. No, you’re right, it’s not important. Registration and participation are free!

Which sounds weaker and whinier?

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Zusammensetzen kann man etwas nur aus Verschiedenem. As with a lot of originalritel intuitive rules, it is not easy to formulate where the adverb slower is idiomatic, but people like you and I who say “Drive slower! Look at all the mis-translations gleefully reported elsewhere in Leo! Alles ist sexistisch, wusstest Du das nicht? Comment Ich dachte, die Aufregung um Bush sen. There are discussions in the archive, and there are descriptivists who defend it as just a change that has happened, a horse that’s out of the barn.

Yet there are still people who get very hot under the collar about it. Comment Hallo Atalaya, willkommen im Forum. Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet.

It seems increasingly clear that most women who report abuse or harassment are not imagining it or pretending.