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And I love her even more, for being his friend just the same, without judgment. Just as there is a tacit rule that actors must be shown shirtless at least once in their first drama after army service, so must there also be a rule about idol stars and the same. Thank you so much JB for recapping this series as I cannot watch it anywhere with subs. I watch it the minute the raw videos come out and the episodes have always been fun and entertaining to me – nice and tightly done. It comes out of her special armoire, which is still taped shut to indicate how rarely she makes use of anything fitted or pretty. She looks up in recognition:

At lunch, Shi-won asks Joon-hee to page her early tomorrow so she can line up to get her H. Is everyone from Standby coming for a visit? Isn’t it Tuesday yet? In-hee has been living with Kae-in in this house but has recently moved out in preparation for her marriage, which is something of a whirlwind affair with a man she began dating only a month ago. That day the boys get a new classmate, a student who transferred from Seoul because of his army dad. I can proudly say that I grew up with h. When he comes back he finds Hak-chan being hit by the principal.

Please enter your username or email address. I’m waiting for the whole drama to be finished and subbed, but I’m totally reading this recap with earnest laughter and can’t wait when I see this on my screen. Do Hak-chan, who learned of women through porn: There’s really no need to put it in apostrophes. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

So he ditched his boyfriend because he found a new one. Maybe because it’s only 8 episodes, technically meaning 4 hours, that the whole story’s unraveling fast but in little doses that we can take. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. The casting is THE highlight of this drama and there were so many funny scenes. He perches on the verrrry edge of the bench and Yoo-jung watches curiously, and then yanks him closer for a good look.


Kae-in had in fact missed seeing the wedding invitation and shows up at the wedding hall blissfully unaware. Thank you, Thank You. He sits down next to Shi-won and pats her head sweetly, as we get reminded in voiceover that at this dinner, one couple will announce dramaceazy wedding.

There is nothing wrong with that. But, this drama is good! It’s always bother me why other people think they have the right to tell someone else who to love or not to seasoh.

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Well, since I’m an Infinite fan then – yes! JW August 4, at 6: The regional conflict is a strange one in such a small country that’s already divided up north and south. Thank you so much for saving my brain cells after watching the train wreck that is Dr. So you, by your own words, by watching romantic comedies have committed a sexual sin. She looks up in recognition: Jin-ho has dramacraazy worries, though, because construction on one building is running behind schedule and is in danger of not being done on time.

I think it’s translated idpl the Chinese subs. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. But I cannot find it anywhere.

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The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia’s general notability guideline. I think Min Ho did a great job so far! So far the show looks even better than I expected! Thanks so much for recapping. Sorry only Chinese subs. Unsurprisingly, I always killed mine.

TVN just keeps producing good stuff everyday. She was too busy going through her latest idol magazine with Yoo-jung to remember. She idop you really make me question what is wrong with mankind! I’ve been waiting for this recap, thank you so much.


Is that stuff still around? But yes, of course, their CEO who’s hilarious and lovable, btw had a hand since he allowed Hoya to do it.

I can say that with particular certainty because in this case, we have an original novel to compare with. In-hee acts a little uncomfortable every time the girls mention her mysterious groom, whom they have never seen. Actually, Hoya said in an interview that he never thought nor planned that he’d go into acting since he wanted to focus on music this year but that “the opportunity seaxon presented itself”, meaning he himself chose to do the role, knowing all the possible reactions and the implications of doing it.

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I already loved the characters and the world, but then came the birth of the best love triangle ever. She chases him around the room, kicking and hitting as best she can in her tipsy condition.

Hers is an old-fashioned Korean-style house; he lives in a modern, upscale home. I love reading about all the funny and adorable moments in the recaps though, so I can’t thank GF enough for doing them. Wolf and Sheep, and walk into school sharing headphones, and talking about Yoon-jae the whole sfason. Though I beg to disagree about it being slow paced and unexciting.

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Now we get a bit more insight into the bad blood here. What about our Song-joo?!

I will not be able to bear if I see my Yoon Jae heartbroken. This is the best With little time to spare, Jin-ho and Sang-jun get to work repairing the model.