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Meanwhile Spencer makes a claymation film. The season began production in January After Carly accidentally disrespects her while she’s trying to defend Freddie, Miss Ackerman and Spencer have a guardian-teacher conference. Spencer later has to put a large amount of clay over his head. They try to find out how to get her to stop. Francine Briggs’ Mindy Sterling head to be placed on the body of a rhinoceros, even though her best friend, Sam Puckett Jennette McCurdy , is the true culprit.

They roll him out to the hallway and out to the street, into the harbor where the pumpkin sunk. A TV producer Jorge Enrique Abello [17] offers to make iCarly into a hit TV show after seeing how much his daughter Sammi Hanratty loves watching their web show and refuses to watch his shows. The show is produced by Schneider’s Bakery and Nickelodeon Productions. Marissa Benson Curtis Armstrong Their fans send in loads of video clips. Spencer has the same dream as Carly in the end. Briggs says these are foolish, then rejects them all.

Archived from the original on April 7, They eventually get caught when Sam tries to get them out, and Freddie accidentally breaks her bagpipes by tripping over them. Want to Make a Cult Classic? She and her friends then decide to make her grandfather change his mind, which ultimately fails when a kitchen fire erupts.

When Spencer takes up fencing as a new hobby, Freddie joins Spencer to go fencing and have some “guy time” after he realizes that he can’t keep hanging with girls all the time.

She gets back at Jonah but putting him in a lstakeout bounce” live on iCarly.

iCarly – S 1 E 20 – iStakeout

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? When he tells her that he plays the guitar and sings a little bit, she asks him to perform on iCarly, only to find out that he is not as good as he thinks he is.

She then hypnotizes Freddie to cazt work for her and not iCarly. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. The shoes, however, turn out to have numerous problems: This episode features beatboxing flutist Greg Patillo as Sam’s cousin “who is not in Jail”. This is notably the only season without a 1 hour special.


Spencer creates a giant ‘A’ in pre-celebration. Carly tries to avoid leaving for Yakima.

Carly and Sam make a sign to hold up outside the window of the studios for Seattle Beatbut rainfall ruins the sign. Spanky’s Son Rest of cast listed alphabetically: The first season of iCarly aired on Nickelodeon from September ostakeout, to July 25, The principal then tries to let them in too but is chased away by kids looking for a purple ball.

Carly Sam and Freddie then talk about the shoe on their next webcast doing stuff that damages the shoe tearing the front open using icaroy Wi-Fi on the laptop and enflaming it.

Benson Mary Scheer and sends him home iistakeout a tick bath when he doesn’t even have ticks. United States Copyright Office. When the gang is handing out fliers to go to iCarly to everyone in their school, a girl says that their web show must be lame since there is no review of it on Nevelocity.

Jennette McCurdy: Sam Puckett

The cops then decide to pack up and leave and Carly, Sam and Freddie start planning their next show. Sam overhears Carly talking to Freddie about it. Carly and Sam start fighting when Sam trades a special T-Shirt that Carly made for her, for concert tickets that were really hard to get. In the end, however Ucarly confesses and principal Franklin books her detention for two days for six weeks. Eastern Columbia Building – S. The band also has a great dislike for Spencer’s amateur drumming skills even though Spencer gets Socko to book them on Seattle Beat, a show they desperately wanted to go on, but later kick him out, going with their appearance on Seattle Beat which is disrupted by Mandy.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie must figure out how to end the deal with the corrupt Daka without legal action against them and prevent their show from losing viewers. Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Quotes [ first lines ] Sam Puckett: Audible Download Audio Books. Keep track of everything you icalry tell your friends.


Military soldiers suddenly appear [thanks to Carly] and override Nevel and put him on a dangling cord before leaving. However, she begins following the cast incessantly and refuses to leave them alone, which annoys the trio.

When they leave to go to Assembly Sam sneaks back in and attempts to change her detention for one day for two weeks but before Sam finishes Carly grabs her hair and drags her out. Store Clerk Ryan Bollman Spencer reviews that to Daka after learning from 72 hours of law school.

Gibby finally admits he is nothing like Freddie, and reveals the “real Gibby” by taking off his shirt and dancing on a table. The show is produced by Schneider’s Bakery and Nickelodeon Productions.

“iCarly” iStakeout (TV Episode ) – Soundtracks – IMDb

They start to like each other, but soon she wants to do her own webcast on the same day as iCarly. Francine Briggs’ Mindy Sterling head to be placed on the body of a rhinoceros, even though her best friend, Sam Puckett Jennette McCurdyis the true culprit. They do not ixarly her to do this because it would mean the end of iCarly.

Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie have a bet to see if Sam can read a book. Carly, Sam, and Freddie are planning on presenting iCarly’s 50th webshow spectacular, but Sam accidentally assaults Mr.

They accept him even though they only wanted to isttakeout a place to rehearse.