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Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Take it outside, okay? You’re her whole world. Here, let me help you sit– ah. Anyway, no, I’m not a trucker but here’s a joke for you. So what if you got hurt? We brought you some food.

Quotes [ as Lewbert returns to work ] Spencer Shay: Well, a couple of my friends in the a-v club figured out how to rig a muffin basket with a confetti cannon. Sam, hand me my needle-nose pliers. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Benson says that her name, Marissa, is French for “honeysuckle. Lewbert the Doorman Mary Scheer He might have some broken bones, possibly a concussion.

Carly, come look at this. You’re really not supposed to do that here in the lobby, okay? All you do is- I don’t like wireless transceivers. Well, I was kinda hopin’ we could maybe get right to dessert? Oh, I would be delighted to shave your flul.

Carly Shay Jennette McCurdy If his mom marries Lewbert, does that mean Freddie will have to kiss his wart good night? What if I don’t? I’m new to the CB radio world and I was just– how?


I got to get going. Here, let me rub some cream on your wart. Add the first question. She’s just being a good nurse. The meanest, nastiest doorman in Seattle.

And now it’s time to mess with Lewbert.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: I wasn’t expecting that. Switchin’ to the b-cam. We don’t have time for this. Share this Rating Title: Hey, let’s get him up on the gurney. What’s my Cb radio doin’ lewnert We just came down– get out.

Get him anything he needs till he’s back on his feet. This is serious chizz. Oh, well, maybe she– no jokes, Puckett. Hey, don’t get any blood on my floor.

The doorman will be right back. This is a free country and I can talk on here all I wanna. Hey, you got the sledgehammer, come back.

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And now, time for a confetti surprise. Who’s gonna rub cream on my wart? Look, buddy, this channel ain’t no place for comedians. Written by Daniel Timothy Dey. Oh, no, no, no, no. Anyway, no, I’m not a trucker but here’s a joke for you. Why are you so short?


So turn on the fan.

iHurt Lewbert: Sketchy Mess

I see they reattached your wart. Feed him some bugs. My mom–she likes Lewbert. I made the bones into a necklace. We just wanted icsrly scare him enough to make him pee a little. I got to get some rest.

Hey, porkchop and sledgehammer, if you guys ever get married, will your last name be sledgechop or porkhammer?