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Once the others the freed, the Ninningers battle the Jukkarage while Akaninger and Starninger destroy Yamawarawa with a team attack. After commenting how much his children and their cousins improved, Tsumuji heads out for a bargin deal at a supermarket. Just stop watching them. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. However, Yoshitaka’s disgraced ex-disciple, Izayoi Kyuuemon, freed Gengetsu Kibaoni’s spirit and revived his retainers. Takaharu takes offense to Yakumo bad mouthing their grandfather and demands an apology before the Gamagama-Ju firearms alert the Ninningers to a Yokai attack. With the Yokai dealt with, Takaharu and Kinji were about to duel before Yoshitaka appears and reveals that the deadline was actually yesterday. So kind of topical.

As Akaninger and Raizo commence their death battle in Tengu’s dimension, Tengu attempts to have Fuuka express fear before the other Ninningers arrive and fight the Yokai. American adaptations are no-no for me. Alerted by Gamagama-Ju, the Ninningers see the Yokai Ungaikyo making children happy by giving them balloons. Afterwards, Reje and Dr. Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Episode 45 0. By then, on Kyuemon’s order, Nekomata attacks a group of people before he is defeated by Akaninger and Momoninger so his core can be brought to their dojo. Kasumi arrives, revealing the Kibaoni to be illusions created by Ungaikyo with Aka Ninger unknowingly revealing the Yokai’s method to though the balloons after he hampered Shinobimaru and Dragomaru’s movement. Hurrier and Counterattack Episode

Rasuto Ninja no Shiren ” Japanese: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Episode 10 0.

Ptera has a fine point. Soon after finding the purified Sealing Shuriken that emerged after Kamaitachi’s death, the Ninningers realize their mission is to find the Sealing Shuriken.


Phantoms and a Schoolgirl Episode So at the earliest we could maybe see prs return last week of aug. Despite that, Takaharu and the others refuse to give up and are determined to fight to the end, despite their Shuriken Arts were sealed by the empowered Kyuemon. So, if you like tokusatsufeel free to follow me! But I’ll never ever share any unrelated stuff here.

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Later, Kasumi reveals that she already parsed out Ungaikyo’s scheme and that she wants to be both a scientist and the Last Ninja, Takaharu then realizes that he has completely forgotten his promise to face Raizo as the villain is lividly waiting for him.

Medal and Comedian Episode Wonder who the actor will be, and I wonder how they’d go about a new Kamen Rider show?

At the same time, Raizo has fully healed and decides to settle things with Takaharu. Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger Episode 11 0. After another attempt on Takaharu’s life by Starninger, Fuka scolds his brother and Kinji before the Gamagama-Guns alert everyone to a Yokai presence.

While eating at a oden stand, Takaharu is alerted to an attack by the Yokai Tsuchigumo.

If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: Is that too hard to understand? Who did you have typeset this junk? As Akaninger and Raizo commence their death battle in Tengu’s dimension, Tengu attempts to have Fuuka express fear before the other Ninningers arrive and fight the Yokai.

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Note that there may and will be spoilers in this blog. Love certainly does make you do… odd things. Share This Page Tweet. After Yoshitaka comes to the dojo wounded, the others attempting hjrricanger calm Takaharu down and their only clue that the attacker is from another place, the Ninningers decide to find the one responsible while Nagi and Kasumi remain with Tsumuji.


Splitting up to cover ground while dealing with, Kinji apologizes to Fuka for causing her to lose her temper over his attack on Takaharu while telling about the realationship nurricanger had with his brother. Three generations had passed since Yoshitaka Igasaki, a man known as the Last Ninja, sealed the evil Yokai feudal lord Gengetsu Kibaoni.

With only one day left to prove himself uurricanger Yoshitaka, Kinji is visited by Kyuemon who wants to know if the human consider his proposal.

After his duel with Raizo ended, Akaninger arrives with a restored Shinobimaru to finish the Youkai with Shurikenjin and Bison King off before losing consciousness.

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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is a Japanese television series, and is the 39th entry of the long-running Super Sentai series produced by Toei Company. American adaptations are no-no for me. You can try fansubbing after eipsode schooling.

But people need to get over themselves. Taking the fight outside, and turning the Juukarage into turtles, Aoninger enlists Akaninger’s help to finish Ittan-momen with the Magical Ninja Slash team attack.

However, it is revealed that transforming into a Ninninger actually goes against these terms. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Tsugomori Masakage, who informs Kyuemon that Kibaoni’s revival is near.