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Wilum Pugmire on February 21, at And anything adapted, based, or otherwise pertaining to the grand old gent. Needing my next Podcraft fix! A comparative analysis in either fiction, mythology or scripture and are they not all the same anyway? This show is a great one, if a bit sententious! What a brillant episode. Another great pod cast!

Monstah on October 8, at 2: Arriving in Dunwich, they fine that horrible things have begun to happen – and the locals are worried. Finally got up the nerve to write you guys. A bit off topic or is it? I was really surprised by this story! Always enjoyable to get a new episode from you fine gentlemen. Lovecraft Literary Podcast The H.

Intrigued by the idea of the remixes of the shows. Aspects of both stories take place on the water.

Odilius Vlak on February 3, at 6: Price onto the show again, I greatly enjoy hearing him speak. Part 3 of 4 horro click and “save as” to download]. Old Man Parker on December 15, at 9: I plan to do a rendering of the Whately twins very soon.

Episode 65 – The Dunwich Horror – Part 1

November first on this page, http: Aklo, in both Machen and Lovecraft, refers to a fictional language. Julie Hoverson Cover art attributions: Made the story MUCH better! To be found in the fine Collected Essays Vol. Shows you how little I know about Catholicism.


Keep on, hppodraft world is listening! Absolute mind bending and inspirational fodder for artists: The robbery was a gamble, one that failed. Alan — Great call on the fringed belt.

Monstah on October 8, at 2: But it is a wierd thing from beyond the spheres etc and fragmenting cattle, crushing houses and leaving sticky crap and footprints everywhere might have deeper purposes. It was a dark rapture to walk the sacred paht of this horror from Dunwich to my soul. Fred Kiesche on February 16, at 9: I always thought the fringed belt was actually his tentacles glimpsed from afar which we see in much greater detail following the dog attack in the libraryand this was the reason he always kept himself tightly buttoned up from then on.

This latest pod cast, my most favorite of his stories, is a gem. And it does, too! Andrew Doss on January 21, at Others opine that the word refers to the hosts of heaven, the angels, and by metaphor to the stars and entire universe cf. JBL on February 3, at 5: JBL on February 3, at 5: I agree with Aram and Marcus. Could it be Cthulhu? All in all, an interesting look at an old favorite of mine by HPL. Maybe for The Mound, that should be coming up pretty soon right?


Some of his social commentary is nothing short of abhorrent all would agree but the storytelling rocks. Oy, all these names sound so alike after awhile: Whew, sorry about that.

Backing my bags for Dunwich – Arkham Horror: The Card Game – FFG Community

The kid may have been referring to the fact that the twin smelled like a full one of these, or worse, a tipped over outhouse. I understand that comparative analysis is an interesting and useful endeavor, particularly in literature education, but I personally see no thematic parallels between The Dunwich Horror and Christian hppocdraft, any more than I see them between The Dunwich Horror and Star Trek.

Mirko Stauch on January 14, at 8: Price for his help on the story. Cheers and link… http: A comparative analysis in either fiction, mythology or scripture and are they not all the same anyway? Awesome dunwixh to this one.