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So, what are your thoughts of this pedal for bass players? Separate input and output volumes, more recording time than the Ditto. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, when you pay good money for an item, we all want it to work. It automatically saves when the Wally is powered off, allowing you to take your ideas with you from jam session to studio. Hotone Wally Looper Review 3. Hey, Dove No need to tinker.

This pedal is part of the wide range of effects and accessories the brand has created for the most discerning musicians. Hotone Audio Global Area Sales: Did you find this review helpful? It sounds like you might want something with more options. Hey, thanks for all the info. Why are most pedals so much larger when all other technology trends towards smaller and more powerful? Size, Quality, durability and price.

This looping pedal is a reliable partner to manipulate, hone, and customize every note and effect from your gear. The same issue with the loud noise and hum has just happened to me. Lpoper the hell out of the Ditto Looper in: Now it is three days later and my ear is sill ringing.

TC Electronic was one of the first manufacturers to bring things back to basics with their Ditto Looperand the feedback has been almost all positive. Im looking for a simple loop and this one looks great.

Is it also good to loop vocal track? I got one last summer and randomly makes this infernal noise…send it back to get gyitar refund, because I think they are beyond repairing.

Separate input and output volume level controls mean you can carefully adjust the levels of your loops with just the tweak of a knob. Then again, loopers like the Digitech Jamman XT allow you to conpact up to 35 minutes in stereo. It just clears if you double tap and hold on the second tap. Internal memory provides an astounding 15 minutes of looping time in one guitaf of storable memory.


Hotone Skyline Series WALLY Compact Looper Guitar Pedal

A related problem is that you have to double-tap to stop the loop, which can make timing a little tricky. The Wally Looper also features digital buffered bypass circuitry. Ratings and Reviews Write epdal review.

Hotone Effects created these guitar accessories with simple circuits, and this simplicity results in effects clarity as it takes the sounds coming out of your guitar or peadl and cleanly sends them to your amps.

Did you try and contact the manufacturer? Furthermore, if you double-tap to stop, then take your foot off the pedal, then tap again and hold it down to clear the loop, you get a second of loop playback before the loop clears.

Just got gujtar, and within 15 min it did the loud noises, out of a new sealed box.

Hotone Skyline Series WALLY Looper Mini Guitar Loop Station Pedal with Free Pedal Case and More

While intended for instruments with strings, these pedals are versatile enough that even DJs, vocalists with microphones, and sound designers will find it just as useful. I got same problem that everybody,bought this pedal in September. It allows your imagination and guitars to run wild as you develop ideas for melodies with multiple layers. The device is a useful addition to the end of an audio signal chain containing other effects pedals, allowing you to craft your tone, loop overdrive, distortion, reverb, delay, and other effects.

I love the tiny size and it always sparks a ton of conversation. Show More Show Less. I will not purchase any of their items again. Thanks for your feedback! To stop the loop, you have to quickly double-tap the sedies. It’s definitely worth getting, skylkne The Wally Looper is almost too cool not to own. Guitar pedals that loop can prove to be an important part of your creative process. Still, the Wally will be hofone for a lot of guitarists just looking for a guktar basic looper for practicing at home.


Returning it again and getting my compat back this time. If I had not pur hased it on amazon, I would have an expensive paper weight. Finally, there seemed to be some quality control issues in the way these devices are manufactured in I wrote to Hotone to see if they are aware of any similar issues and, if so, what they are doing to fix it.

Just grab a Pedaltrain Volto which would also double as a phone charger, btw. Adjustable tempo control lets you easily fine-tune your sound and adjust the rhythm of the audio. In fact, adding a dedicated stop footswitch seems to be the primary reason that TC Electronic issued the Ditto X2 a year after releasing Ditto.

Hotone Wally Looper Review – Looper Pedal Reviews

Size, Ssries, durability and price. The Wally Looper joins the category of loopers aimed at just looping, without the extra baggage, and does it in style! So, what are your thoughts of this pedal for bass players? If you want to control your input volume for an overdub, just adjust the recording level knob on the top-right.

But don’t take my word for it, try it and see for yourself! Unfortunately, when you pay good money for an item, we all want it to work. Transparent top knob and 2 noctilucent small knobs. Hotone Looper pedals integrate seamlessly into almost any setup.