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Making Cinema American, Berke- ley: The Arab-Israeli war was just the first of a seemingly endless series of inter- national wars, invasions, conflicts, and expul- sions to have plagued the Middle East over the past 60 years. Born in , he trained in the USSR. Studied at the Theater Arts Institute in Kuwait. Routledge and Kegan Paul, , ix. From to , Iraq was at war with Iran, in a conflict that caused tremendous losses to both sides. The broken wings of the title are those of women in an unenlightened patriarchal society, against which Gibran rails in vain. Quran Light , 1′, Super

Just Like You Imagined , 10′, 35mm. Martin , 6′, DV Cam. His sole fictional feature film was made in Syria. Jordanian filmmaker, born in Palestine. She stud- ied at the American University of Sharjah. Yasmina , 8′ , and a documentary: Appunti sul nuovo cinema palestinese Paler- mo: Abdulrahman, Dawood Mohammed Has- san.

He studied at the Applied Science Universi- ty, Jordan, and works as director and writer. He studied com- puter science at university.

Part 1 comprises an fpisode listing of all the Arab filmmakers from the Middle East whom I have been able to locate.

An actor in ten short films.

The Arab Middle East has not developed the kind of overwhelming output of fictional features on video, characteristic of Anglophone Africa especially Nigeria, where many thousands of feature-length videos have been produced and distributed since the sso I have been able to include work shot on video princi- pally Beta SP and more recently FIDas well as 35mm and 16mm film productions. He worked as an actor and also as director of photography for several pioneer filmmakers, including Michel Haroun Red Flowers, The terms of the ceasefire which brought fighting to an end in did nothing to cure the inherent structural weaknesses of the Lebanese state.

University of California Press,xi.

Lebanese pioneer film- maker. With regard to documentary production now almost en- tirely in some digital format or otherI have excluded from the feature listings all works in the conventional minute television format, though such works are referred to, of course, in the individual filmmaker entries. Yet the film is shot in a sequence of formally controlled shots and edited with a slow rhythm, which matches perfectly the temperament of its thoughtful, somewhat passive hero, Ako.


He divides his life between France and the United States.

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On his return he made three documentaries in Syria: But this independence came to be de- pendent on Soviet aid, and when that ceased after the end of the cold war, it was conquered and swallowed up by its much larger northern neighbor in He became a scriptwriter and produc- er in the television service of the Sulinate of Oman and was also involved in student and drama organizations.

Short film with English dia- logue: Seeing through the Sand50′. He made several short films: Though totally apposite, this is, of course, an interna- tional — not specifically Arab — joke. He also worked in television.

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Despite this concen- tration on the British occupiers, many of the key historical mahsb who shaped the fate of Iraq, such as Sir Arnold Wilson, are omitted, and the crucial role of Gertrude Bell is down- played.

The remainder of the population was diverse: This led to a partial occupation of Lebanon which lasted 9 years, and was followed by a third full- scale invasion, in the 33 Day War. Co-directed the first Lebanese sound film in As well as facing logistical and casting problems, al- Daradji was arrested by the Iraqi police, shot at by the insurgents, kidnapped and beaten by militants, and then sasion to 5 days of mal- treatment by the American military.

Episoee doc- umentary film: Nada, a widow who lives with her domineering brother, is the more mature, and, in their longest embrace, Salem falls a- sleep like a child in her arms. But there has been a continuous tradi- tion of filmmaking in both the Arab east the Mashreq and the Arab west the Maghreb since independence, tentative at first, but well established by the s and s and often flourishing in the last decade. His sole saisln is a French co-production.

Born in in Kuwait, he studied filmmaking in New York. The only Ye- meni features, for example, have been made by Bader Ben Hirsi, resident in London where he was born, and Khadija al-Salami, who works at the Yemeni embassy in Paris.


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An Optional Exileand a documentary film: But the Security Council resolutions did not al- low for regime change, so the defeated Hus- sein was able to survive and subsequently to wreak a mzhab revenge on those — the Shia in the south and the Kurds in the north — who, wrongly expecting coalition support, saiwon risen in opposition. After studying filmmaking in Budapest in the s, he made firstly fictional shorts: Gertz and Khleifi, Palestinian Cinema, The Watch29′, Mini DV.

Said was born in a refu- gee camp and experienced his father’s episoee tion as a collaborator when he was just He studied media in Cairo, worked as a playwright and in television, and also works for the Ministry of Education.

Born in in Baghdad, he studied there at the Academy of Fine Arts and became one of the major actors in the national theatre. Defeat left Turkey at the mercy of its wartime enemies, and the victorious Eu- ropean states, France and Britain, occupied the whole Middle East and proceeded to im- pose their will upon the remains of the Em- pire. Princeton University Press, maahab Sandra Mackey, Mirror of the Arab World: She studied in France and works as writer and journalist.

There were three further general Mahan conflicts: Ross, Hoob Middle East, She has also writ- ten several novels, three of which have been translated into English: RedFree Me Cockroach He appeared in numerous international feature films: Chillingly, Balfour is quoted as saying that, In Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country.

Bolooki, Ahmed Abdul Majeed. Edward Said, preface to Dreams of a Nation: